That, yes, there: The Opel GT could be produced in series

Now ensure that the Opel GT could go into production if they find a platform rear-wheel-drive and a mechanistic basis for appropriate within the group. The Opel Mokka could play an important role in its arrival to the market.

Opel GT (Proyección)Nor what we’re going to deny it, the Opel GT we loved, but the German brand we were disappointed when he announced that it was a prototype that finally would not be brought to production. But, as is usual in these cases, the contradictions have already begun and now the prototype presented at the last Geneva motor show could have light green.

By that time, since Opel was assured that it was a design exercise for a future compact coupe, which was not in the immediate plans of the brand. However, this week the british publication Coach ensures thanks to the statements made by the head of Opel, Karl Thomas Neumann, which, although still don’t have a platform rear-wheel-drive, the model still has possibilities.

From the same publication to ensure that the SUV Mokka could be the donor, since their mechanics might be adapted to give life to the Opel GT production. However another impediment is related to find a transmission that is compact enough to be able to be adapted for use in the GT. But a decision has not yet been taken, but at least it is a real possibility.