The 1.5 diesel 130 HP PSA is now available on the Opel Grandland X

Opel Grandland X came to the market in 2017, as the alternative German brand in the competitive C-segment-SUV, the all-road mid-size. When you start your marketing, the Grandland X was only available with the engine 1.6 diesel 120 HP and the petrol 1.2 Turbo 130. A few months ago added the powerful 2.0 diesel 177 CV the newcomer finish Ultimate, while now debuts a new and more efficient diesel engine.

In reality, this new propellant 1.5 diesel 130 HP has been a time in the French mark of the lion, powering the Peugeot 308, 3008 and 5008 under the name 1.5 BlueHDi. Is slowly replacing the previous 1.6 diesel PSA, the engine that also accompanies still to the Opel Grandland X but that, as in the other models of Peugeot, before cited, it will disappear soon.

Although in the configurator of the brand, of time, can only be configured for the new 1.5 turbo 130 HP with change automatic 8-speed, the Grandland X associate of series this mechanical transmission 6-speed manual. As in the other versions of the model -and like its cousin the Peugeot 3008-, will not be possible to configure it with a system of all-wheel-drive.

The occasion of the launch of this mechanical 1.5 replacing the previous 1.6-liter is improve polluting emissions and the thermal efficiency, being prepared to the exacting standards anti-pollution that will arrive in 2020 with the regulation in Euro 6d. According to PSA, consumes between 4% and 6% less. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, despite reducing slightly in the front, it has been possible increase the power in 10 horses with respect to the propeller it replaces.

After the introduction of this mechanic, the Opel Grandland X is available with the following variety of finishes and prices, although we recall that the versions 1.6 BlueHDi will take a little bit disappear from the market.

Motor Change Finish Price
Motor Change Finish Price
1.2 Turbo 130 HP Manual 6v Selective 25.100 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Manual 6v Selective 26.800 €
1.2 Turbo 130 HP Manual 6v Excellence 27.400 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Manual 6v Excellence 29.100 €
1.6 CDTi 120 CV Automatic 6v Excellence 31.000 €
1.5 CDTi 130 HP Automatic 8v Excellence 31.900 €
1.2 Turbo 130 HP Manual 6v Ultimate 31.350 €
2.0 CDTi 180 ps Automatic 8v Ultimate 39.799 €

, Remember that a few months ago we tested the Opel Grandland X with engine 1.2 Turbo petrol. In the following video you can remember our impressions and by clicking here accederéis to the written test.

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