The 10 best cars in 2015-2016, according to Jeremy Clarkson

When a journalist of the Engine has worked for many years as Jeremy Clarkson, the easiest thing is to end up being a routine, and nothing comes to surprise or excite. But when you feel like you have already tested and good sense, that a car would call attention is, at least, meritorious. , Are cars with something special, causing a torrent of sensations and distinguish them from others.

hence it is that Clarkson has chosen their 10 favorite cars currently on sale, among which we will find several sports models, but also models seemingly mundane. Clarkson strikes in your column that not only matter what ingredients are used, but the way we combine them. What counts is the result. Although the list is very varied, there are plenty of european models, there is only one asian and one american. Interestingly, none are being manufactured in United Kingdom.

The first of the list is the Mazda MX-5, which follows a lineage of 25 years being the best selling roadster in the world. The version tested is the most powerful, 160 HP. The fun-to-drive compared with playing Twister with Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz, all naked. He says that it is the best MX-5 of the entire series, that is enthusiastic and lively, and that is what will transmit to your driver.


Jeremy Clarkson talks about the MX-5 in the same terms that their engineers wanted it to be, a car to enjoy behind the wheel well above the others, and he adds that it is a cure for depression, and that it is not possible to drive being low. Appreciated its simplicity, price, content, ease of use and the sensations at the wheel. Difficult to be against.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Clarkson says it’s the car brand-a generalist that has excited, what qualifies as a puppy dog of a Ferrari, although you need a bit of training. Refers to the details that take comfort in this sporty, that are the visibility, the hiss of air and the noise. At the end of a long journey, it is not as enjoyable an experience.

however, Clarkson said of this car “terrible” that has soul and humanity, that it is not simply a machine. That is to say, you will forgive their flaws because it makes up for in other areas, as is done with a person. Its 240-HP mid-engine and propulsion back are a recipe for a feel of what driving a supercar, although for much less money, although it remains an amount very far from the pocket of a mere mortal.


Much better is your opinion of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, which qualifies it as the Mustang of Mercedes. It feels gross and rebellious, and highlights the dimensions of the hood. Using his usual hyperbole, believes that it is so long that when we parked, this will take another 20 minutes to arrive, that gives the feeling of driving a supercarguero, and that it is so broad that it could have a heliport built.

engine 4.0 V8 Biturbo 500 HP is not so impressive -a priori – for the 6.2 aspirated V8 from the SLS AMG, but he likes the most. Cost a lot less money, despite losing the gullwing doors, but it is a Mercedes that makes you forget what you have done decades ago in this brand. All there is in the market, in this league would be one of your first options. There is nothing wrong to be the first generation of the purebred German.

The Ford Focus RS there are that say that he has been recalled to the legendary Escort RS Cosworth that has led for the past 26 years, he was a hero of the working class (for his humble origin). The Focus RS is for him as a Nissan GT-R for half the price, a car with 350 HP of power is able to humiliate them to cars much more expensive and luxurious, even more and more powerful. Considered as the most special that has made Ford a quarter of a century.


Of its awd system, it says that it is the most advanced that has been mounted ever, regardless of the model and how much it has cost. Surely it refers to the mode of drifting, which allows the timely behavior of a propulsion rear loco, as the good muscle americans. And all this for a reasonable price, 31.000 lbs, in your country.

Without leaving Ford, I could not miss the Mustang GT 5.0 V8. The pony car, by 4,000 pounds more than the Focus RS, so you can buy with the steering wheel to the right (what he calls the right side), since it was designed as a car overall. Has not lost its american character, says that incites to burn wheels constanemtente, and to take all the turns with the rear well cross.

Very much in favor of the Mustang is its price, less than what was to pay for a Volkswagen Golf GTI, although it considers that it is very heavy. Your verdict, is “the time to believe in the myth”. A muscle car that is exhibited as such in the first few meters. Do you remember Bullit and what that conveyed the Mustang Boss? Since it is more or less what that offers the V8 american.


In different terms expressed in favor of the Volvo XC90 with engine 2.0 turbo of 220 HP, and the D5. It’s not the car that draws more attention, but it is full of details that make driving simple, intuitive, and, above all, comfortable. To be able to relax driving, but with the peace of mind that the machine Swedish going slope of its driver.

Highlights its quality of rolling, the diesel engine is much better isolated than in the first generation, the simplicity of its dashboard (the touch screen brings together the most features), or how pleasant it is to sit in their seats. Is the safety car of Sven and Thor -are his words – with wizard of detection of fatigue.

More curious is the fact your verdict on the Opel Zafira Tourer with the engine 1.6 CDTI 136 HP. Since it is difficult to Clarkson’s like a diesel engine, but it speaks wonders of him. In fact, he says that the visit to Bono (singer of U2) in France, was blown away to see how the star moved in a Zafira diesel.


neither short Nor lazy, he has been given five stars, the maximum. Says not to feel anything when passing over irregularities of the terrain-refers to the chassis FlexRide with continuous damping control – and that is the car most comfortable in the world. Yes, even more than the Rolls-Royce Phantom. In your opinion, is the car that most repairs get to transmit irregularities of the asphalt into the interior. He shoots his opinion by recalling that it is a good Vauxhall, the british brand of General Motors (Opel is not sold in the Uk).

we Return to the pepinazos with the BMW M2 Coupe. Do not speak of him as the M is faster, but it says that it is fast both in curves and in straight lines, and that makes it totally enjoyable. Opinion has changed on the M3 V8 (E92) and the first M5. This is now your BMW M favorite.

Of your engine 370 HP says nothing in engine torque, meaning that you have left, and that can be as quick as a GT of brands much more expensive. Right now is the BMW M more accessible, obviating the existence of the M135i or the M235i. Your outward appearance is not the most eye-catching of the world, but when you drive it, it is like carrying a spacecraft.


“Diabolically good”, that is what you think of the Ferrari 488 GTB, which has more than 660 HP extracted from a 3.9 V8 that combines the court at 8,000 and peak turns with power biturbada. A delicida that reaches 100 km/h in 3 seconds accurate. What qualifies as a driving machine perfect (for lack of another better word), although it does not have five stars.

did Not criticize the 488 GTB for having turbo, recalling that the F40 had turbo, and that when Gilles Villeneuve was competing with the Scuderia, also had turbo engines. It sounds like a Ferrari, sounds good, no distinction is made for the wrong action of the turbochargers, the driver does not perceive how to receive the intake air. A charming drive, that can behave as a kitten or as a purebred. That is his best achievement a thoroughbred can be driven with an absolute docility.

finally, closes the list the Lamborghini Aventador. It is not the best supercar on sale, its engine is out of date -compared to the dinosaurs – and there are hybrid models that exceed by not being so heavy. But the Aventador has an engine 6.5 V12 maximum power, and those three things at the same time are big words, we talk about 700 HP of potenca with all-wheel drive. It is the fastest of the list.


Although your brakes may not be able to contain the onslaught of the motor of the brontosaurus, for their escapes out music, is something that only you can understand driving a Lamborghini V12 in a circuit. Of all their opponents at the top of the race of supercars, the Aventador would be the one I buy for him. You like the McLaren P1, but what qualifies as a robot sophisticated. He prefers to drive a dinosaur.

¿What seem to you to be your choices?