The 10 best cars of Renault

The French carmaker has created through his career cars that have been widely accepted in Europe and South America. In this article we review of the best cars of Renault .

Los 10 mejores coches de Renault

List of the best cars of Renault

1. Renault 18. is a D-segment car, five seater. Was produced from 1978 to 1993. He was the replacement of Renault 12, and later it was replaced by the Renault 21 and Renault Laguna. He was successful in his time.

2. Renault Clio. Automobile belonging B segment and began marketing in 1990 as successor to Renault Super Five. The first model was marketed in versions three and five doors, and cycled differently motoresa throughout his career.

3. Renault Twingo. is an A-segment car produced since 1993. It has gone through various changes from one model short front and hood parallel to the windshield.

4. Renault Laguna. D is a car segment spanning three generations. There was a concept that develops five-door relative to its predecessor by a design of curved lines. Unlike other cars in the D segment, there is no four-door sedan in the area.

5. Renault M├ęgane II. is a family car that exists in three generations, launched respectively in 1995, 2002 and 2008. Each has a transverse front engine and front wheel drive.

6. Renault Logan. is a part of the overall car segment B. It is also known as Dacia Logan.

7. Renault Sandero. is a passenger segment B. There are five seater combi body, transverse front engine and front wheel drive.

8. Renault Captur. A benefit sports segment B. otrece offered with three engines, the transverse front, front-wheel drive and 5-door body engine.

9. Renault Wind. This is a two-seater convertible car and Spain sold with two engines, both gasoline.

10. Renault Kangoo. is a light commercial vehicle manufactured since 1997. It has transverse front-line four-cylinder engine.

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