The 10 best selling cars in 2014

Want to know what 10 best selling cars in 2014 For starters, Renault Mégane has been the model best seller in Spain last year, after having experienced a sales growth of 24.5%. In second place in the rankings is the Citroën C4, which likewise have a significant increase in sales, and in third place podium stood close Seat Leon has seen sales increased by 42.6%.

Los 10 coches más vendidos en 2014

What are the 10 best selling cars in 2014?

The list of the 10 best selling cars during 2014 is as follows.

1. Renault Megane with a total 29,020 units. It is certainly one of the most successful models of Renault and sold as a sedan, coupe and family, or Sports Tourer.

¿Cuáles son los 10 coches más vendidos en 2014?

2. Citroën C4 with 28,193 units. It is offered with five-door body and its range is known for its wide range of equipment and engines between 92 and 156 hp.

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3. Seat Leon , with 27,704 units sold. It is a completely renovated since late 2012 and has a large number model engines.


4. Seat Ibiza with 27,562 units. It is offered with three-door body, five and family. Since 2013, a 180 hp version Cupra DSG sold.

los coches más vendidos

5. VW Polo , with 23,803 units. At the European level most sales of this model. It offers a varied mechanical offer.

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6. Opel Corsa , with 23,371 units. The size is what draws more attention to their buyers and sold the bodies of three or five doors.

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7. VW Golf with 23,259 units. VW models always work as it offers variety of cars and renewed TSI petrol engines.

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8. Dacia Sandero with 20,936 units. Its simple design and technology Diesel and gasoline engines of Origin renaul, is one of the strongest points.

los autos más vendidos en 2014

9. Renault Clio with 20,698 units. Only in the last year has released the known body of the fourth generation Grand Tour.

lo más vendido en coches para 2014

10. Nissan Qashqai , with 17,597 units. Improved security and have small displacement engines Diesel and gasoline.

Which of 10 best selling cars in 2014 you prefer?

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