The 10 models most sold in February 2018


The Skoda Superb has surpassed the Octavia this month

registrations models of three volumes seem to want to confirm the change of trend with its second consecutive month on the rise. In February traded 7.220 sedans at dealerships Spanish representing a growth of 6.2% with respect to the sales of the previous year.

The fight for the first position has been very matched, so much so that it has only been decided by three units. The Volkswagen Passat, dominator in recent months, has not been able to keep the first post in this occasion and has had to be satisfied with the silver medal. The winner has been the Audi A4, that there was no victory in this category since may of 2017.

BMW 3 Series has conquered the top step of the podium, with a slight advantage on the Skoda Superb. The sedan Czech has been one of the surprises of the month for his superb performance, which not only has enabled him to be at the top but also has led to overcome the Skoda Octavia, which this time has only been eighth.

If someone understands of sedans is the Mercedes. At least so you can guess seeing the classification of enrollment in which the German brand has located no fewer than three models in the Top 10. The Mercedes C Class is that it has achieved a better record as usual (5th), but no less interesting have been the results of the Mercedes CLA (7) Mercedes E Class (9th).

Opel Insignia has achieved a discrete sixth step. The saloon of the beam, which dominated the category until a few months ago, seems to have lost pace with its new generation. The last position of the ranking is for the BMW 5 Series, demonstrating that the premium models have a lot to say in this category.

The 10 models most sold in February 2018

Ranking Modelo Sales feb’18
1 Audi A4 717
2 Volkswagen Passat 714
3 BMW Series 3 627
4 Skoda Superb 612
5 Mercedes C-Class 517
6 Opel Insignia 462
7 Mercedes CLA 406
8 Skoda Octavia 400
9 Mercedes E-Class 243
10 BMW Series 5 205