The 10 top-selling cars in 2016


The best-selling Spanish is the Seat Leon

Up to October have enrolled a total of 963.092 cars in 2016, and they are the most sought after. The segments B and C are the most popular in our country, and this preference is reflected in the ranking of top-selling cars in Spain: 9 of the 10 positions are captured by models of these categories.

the leader of The market this year is the Seat Leon, a model that can boast of having been the best selling car of 2015. Here we leave the ranking of registrations between January and September according to data from the National Association of Importers of Cars, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles (Aniacam):

Ranking Model Sales 2016 (jan-oct)
1 Seat Leon 29.658
2 Seat Ibiza 27.706
3 Opel Corsa 23.400
4 Volkswagen Polo 21.858
5 Dacia Sandero 20.985
6 Volkswagen Golf 20.919
7 Renault Clio 20.753
8 Nissan Qashqai 20.562
9 Peugeot 308 20.196
10 Peugeot 208 18.268

Seat Leon (1)

The compact spaniard is determined to repeat victory this year, as happened in 2014 and 2015. Even though it is already at the end of your straight line commercial, and is waiting for the next restyling, the Seat Leon remains the most sought-after for its excellent relation quality-price. The wide availability of bodies is another of its strong points with versions to suit all tastes thanks to its bodies of three and five doors, the familiar Leon ST, its version jacket Leon X-Perience and the sport variant Leon Cupra.

Seat Ibiza (2nd)

Among the utilities to the main dominator is the Seat Ibiza, a authority that allows the national brand to conquer the first two places of the classification. The version of five doors is the most searched while the three-door and the family contribute their grain of sand. Although at this time has received a few updates to keep up to date, it is one of the models most veterans of the B-segment, although it still remains one of the best in the section dynamic.

Opel Corsa (3rd)

With five generations behind, the Opel Corsa has always known how to connect with the public. The current model has a place on the podium of sales settling in a cabin sophisticated and well finished plus some items of equipment own vehicles from upper segments -as Opel OnStar – for their biggest releases. This German has a Spanish accent because it is manufactured in the factory of Opel in Figueruelas (Zaragoza).


The Volkswagen Golf is the most sought after in Europe

Volkswagen Polo (4th)

Next to Ibiza and Corsa, the trident of the segment B is completed by the Volkswagen Polo. It is a model with great traditional, born in 1975, and with more than 14 million units sold around the world. How much with bodies of three and five doors, in addition to a sporty version of Polo GTI and other cutting recreational Polo Cross. Their production is carried out in the factory of Volkswagen Navarra as well as the four most popular cars in Spain are made on home soil.

Dacia Sandero (5th)

The Romanian manufacturer owned by Renault group has managed to take the flag low cost making economic models, and simple, but also attractive and functional. The Dacia Sandero is the best reflection of this successful strategy by offering a car-rounder at an unbeatable price. Its mechanical petrol and diesel, are reliable and low-consumption, which completes a very interesting product for tight budgets.

Volkswagen Golf (6th)

there is No doubt that the formula of the Volkswagen Golf, like in all parts as well you can check to see that it is one of the most popular models in almost all the markets of the Old Continent. The best selling car in Europe is a reference in the segment. Its base sits in a high manufacturing quality and a very wide range in terms of options of engine, transmission, traction and equipment. It is available with three and five doors, the family Golf Variant and the campero Golf Alltrack -it is also the minivan Golf Sportsvan but their sales are broken apart-.

Renault Clio (7th)

the fourth generation of The Renault Clio has received a restyling recently to continue in the limelight. It is one of the models of the B-segment best-known among the public due to their affordable price, attractive design, and their diesel engines are inns that boast a fuel consumption very low. In addition to the usual bodywork of five doors also marketed the family, Clio Sport Tourer with a trunk much more capable.


The Nissan Qashqai triumphs between SUV

Nissan Qashqai (8th)

The only SUV present in the Top 10 of the national rankings is, as it could not be otherwise, the Nissan Qashqai. Has been the most searched among the SUV since the launch of its first generation a decade ago and in this second generation the success continues despite the fact that the rivals in the segment are multiplied year after year. The versatility is its great virtue, though the design and the technological equipment also attract many buyers.

Peugeot 308 (9th)

The French brand could all of the meat on the grill for the development of its compact. Compared to its predecessor, the Peugeot 308 shows a dramatic leap in all senses and is something that has not gone unnoticed to the public. Its exterior design is elegant, the interior overflows with quality and dynamic level is the best: although it only is sold with bodywork of five doors or family, the 308 has won with more than enough reasons.

Peugeot 208 (10th)

Its dynamic design and easy has captivated the youth. The perky-Peugeot 208 is a utility very balanced that not only meets well in city traffic but it operates well away from the city thanks to its poise and the proper functioning of the engines PureTech and BlueHDi. For those who seek strong emotions is available the 208 GTI with 208 HP.