The 10 top-selling cars in 2017


The Seat Ibiza is the leader of sales

The year 2017 has started with 183.296 units sold in the Spanish market during the first two months. The channel of private individuals takes the bulk of the sales (51,7%), while businesses (26.4 per cent) and alquiladoras (21.8 per cent) each time they conquer a greater proportion.

The models of the segments B and C predominate in the Top 10. The best-selling model in 2017 is the Seat Ibiza, which exceeds by a small margin to the Seat Leon that was the most popular in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Here we leave the classification of enrolments according to data from the National Association of Importers of Cars, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles (Aniacam):

Ranking Model Sales 2017
1 Seat Ibiza 6.363
2 Seat Leon 6.077
3 Opel Corsa 5.132
4 Nissan Qashqai 4.129
5 Volkswagen Golf 4.094
6 Opel Astra 4.087
7 Dacia Sandero 3.697
8 Volkswagen Polo 3.437
9 Renault Clio 3.325
10 Peugeot 208 3.150

Seat Ibiza (1)

The Seat Ibiza is at the end of your straight line commercial and the popular subcompact Spanish has a relationship price/product to be more attractive than ever. The new generation is just around the corner, but it is clear that the Ibiza still has a lot to say in the present exercise.

Seat Leon (2nd)

Has been the most popular model of the national market, the last three years, and the Seat León aspires to repeat this honorary title for the fourth consecutive time. Weapons it is not missing as it has been recently renovated to offer an image more fresh and extend its technological equipment.

Opel Corsa (3rd)

The current generation of the Opel Corsa has been a success in the Old Continent and the Spanish market is not an exception. Loaded with more technology than ever before, and an attractive design, the German model is in trouble. In addition, it has a Spanish accent because it is manufactured in Figueruelas (Zaragoza).

Nissan Qashqai (4th)

the years Go by, but the Nissan Qashqai is not slack down. The unquestioned leader of the SUV continues to prove day after day that no one can be with him as much as the rivals have multiplied. Its relation price/product is sensational and the technological endowment of the higher versions it is worthy of mention.

Volkswagen Golf (5th)

Is the best-selling model in Europe, although in Spain must conform with the fifth place of the ranking of enrolment. The Volkswagen Golf has received a slight facelift that brings more news of what seems to simple sight so you will continue to be the object of desire of many drivers.

Opel Astra (6th)

Sophisticated and technological, the fifth generation of the Opel Astra has been able to connect with the audience from the first moment. A wide range, a interior and versatile items of equipment striking as Opel OnStar have been the strengths that the German model attracts the customers to the dealers.

Dacia Sandero (7th)

standard-Bearer of the cars are affordable, the Dacia Sandero has managed to offer an unbeatable relationship between practicality and price. The model of the brand Romanian belonging to Renault has shown that the label low cost is not incompatible with an attractive design, good performance or low fuel consumption.

Volkswagen Polo (8th)

Is one of the models most veterans of the Spanish market, the current generation of the Volkswagen Polo still continues to war because you have to recognize that has aged well. Although not you will notice too the years, the new generation of the subcompact Volkswagen the know this year.

Renault Clio (9)

Other cars that have traditionally worked very well in our country is the Renault Clio, which continues to enjoy much acceptance. Its strengths are the efficient engines and the existence of two bodies composed of a practical 5-door version and the multi-talented family, Clio Sport Tourer.

Peugeot 208 (10th)

The importance of the B segment in the domestic market becomes clear with the presence of a sixth model of this category in the Top 10 of the ranking. The Peugeot 208 has as one of its main attractions of an interior design very personal thanks to the i-Cockpit that employs the mark and a wide range of motors and finishes available.