The 2 Superbirds who spent more than 20 years locked in a basement


Although it is not the version which is most desired by collectors, is in a state impeccable.

This year seems to have been that of the emergence of the “Wing cars”, the Dodge Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Superbird, considered the muscle car vintage more brutal and quick of your time. Which, coupled with its rarity, as in comparison with their rivals were manufactured in relatively short amounts, converted today in parts remarkable of any event or auction.

The arrival of the Mustang and Camaro fifth generation, based on the aesthetics of their predecessors of the golden era of the muscle car has been crucial in recent years have experienced a resurgence of those models, of which the Daytona and Superbird were the protagonists of exception.

The interesting history of these models since you have a few months ago, born to be the fastest of the NASCAR, but the copies of the images deserves to at least be mentioned, since they have had a life somewhat curious.


Number of August 2016 Muscle Car Review.

Currently known as the “Superbirds in the basement”, thanks to the past August issue of the publication Muscle Car, these are passed something more than 20 years locked up in the basement of its owner. And far from what might seem to be, there were old vehicles that had been replaced by other, more modern, and that his owner no longer paid the same attention than in the past.

The previous data are scarce, but so says his last owner, which is precisely the rescued from the basement where they had lived the last two decades, at the beginning of the decade of the nineties, these Superbird were restored and then not used never, were simply stored in the basement that did not come out until 20 years later. The reasons are unknown.

Stored in the basement as mere objects stored, it is said that they never returned to see the light of the sun, despite having been reacondicioandos and to the point. In fact, at the time of exit, the past year 2015, so only need minor repairs.


Only a year after rescue, the current owner put the sale of the exemplary yellow.

This month of December, his rescuer put one of them on sale on eBay, obtaining a, in our view, modest figure of 118.500 $ . Good deal for a media copy of the model. Their state, as can be seen in the photographs, is quite good.

Lack of rust and all the elements and chrome appear to have a good appearance, and although it doesn’t have the option mechanics more desirable, the V8 HEMI 7.0-liter and manual transmission, it is still an impressive machine, equipped with the more common automatic transmission and the engine 440 Super Commando fed by three carburettors of double body, that can boast of 394 HP (390 hp).