The 2016 Nissan Maxima is shown in video


The 2016 Nissan Maxima It debuted at the New York Auto Show. In its new generation, the sedan is offered with V6 engine that produces 300 horses force.


Nissan-Maxima-2 E mong the news that Nissan prepared to take the Motor Show in New York , is the new generation of Maxima sedan. This is a totally refurbished product to which the mark described as sport four doors.

Its body is presented with dynamic and muscular styling , with a design that emphasizes its sporty features. The front has a double grille with chrome frame and some LED headlights in the form of a boomerang that accommodate daytime running lights. The posterior has a diffuser that integrates dual exhaust outlet which are finished in chrome.

Its appearance is accompanied by a mechanic at the height of the circumstances, which in its most powerful version is offered with a propellant V6 3.5 liter and 300 horsepower .

To complement the official photo gallery Nissan released a video in which you can see at new Maxima in a static shots that provide insight into its exterior and interior fit detailed, and allows observe moving .