The 24 Hours of Spa open their eyes to Gary Paffett


After combining his career in the DTM with the role of test driver at McLaren-Mercedes from 2006 to 2014, Gary Paffett is open to new challenges. Although the british pilot maintains a certain relationship with the Formula 1 of the hand of the team Williams, the compact season of the DTM allows Paffett will be able to look to other categories. so Much so that Gary Paffett made his debut in the 24 Hours of Spa at the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT3 of HTP Motorsport. The british ended fifth together with Maximilian Götz and Thomas Jäger after losing the superpole by a penalty and having to climb from the bottom of the grill.

Although the success could be even greater as the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #86 missed the podium by little of the end by a penalty, Gary Paffett has valued the experience as very positive: “at The start of the 24 Hours of Spa as I thought back, but after finishing I am 100% convinced that I want to go back and compete in more races. The cars are not equal to the DTM, but with 65 cars on the grid we had to overcome four or five of them at every turn. It was absolutely amazing. it Is difficult to find something equal in another category today“.

so Much so, that Gary Paffett is willing to compete in other programs of Mercedes, while keeping the DTM as their highest priority: “I don’t think you could call a few 24 Hours of Spa normal, but it was surprising to see our speed. Starting from so back for the penalty and reach the podium a few laps from the end was great, although it was a shame that after the drama of the last half-hour we find that new sanction and lose the podium. Was a roller coaster, very fun“.