The 360-degree camera, Nissan also serves to make a twist “J”

Nissan Qashqai y X-Trail Black Edition

is Not the first time, nor will be the last, Now Engine we recognize the importance of technological advances in vehicles of today. And we refer not only to the efficiency of the engines, but rather to the plus safety and comfort that we offer some of the latest systems that come to our cars. What is certain is that every few weeks we find ourselves with a new invention or any improvement of a system/technology is already being used.

In 2014, Nissan launched the world to the second generation of its most successful model the past few years, the Nissan Qashqai. Among its amenities we find a view camera 360 degrees, which is incorporated – and continues to incorporate – inside the package “protection shield smart”, which has gradually extended to other models in the Nissan range such as the X-Trail, the Pulsar or the Juke.

By four cameras placed in the front, rear bumper and mirrors, we made a picture reflecting the surroundings of the vehicle and is displayed on the main screen of the dashboard, as if a drone is recording from the sky. In this way, balance the vehicle in a parking lot or avoid rozarlo against the columns of the parking was a lot easier.

To check the quality of this camera of 360 degrees and, why not say so, to call the attention of all of us, Nissan has challenged a pilot “Stunt” called Paul Swift perform a twist “J” only using this camera to guide you. The “guinea pig” for the test has been a Nissan Juke DIG-T 115 HP and, to avoid that the pilot could look sideways through the windows, directly is the have covered.

In the video where we can see the maneuver executed, as well as a few previous trials, Paul Swift says that the twist “J” is a complicated manoeuvre and, of course, even more if all the crystals inside are covered. With this challenge we already know of a utility to the vision cameras 360 degrees, although I don’t think that many of the customers use it to make watermarks similar.

Nissan Juke

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