The 4 sporting front-wheel-drive faster on the Nürburgring (video)

you Already know what I think of the records at the Nürburgring. And if you do not know, I recommend the reading of this article with you 7 secrets that brands do not want you to know about their quick laps at the Nürburgring. These days we have experienced a new battle, a new skirmish in the war for the throne of the Nürburgring. A war in which manufacturers invest the resources, try to carry the benefits of their sports to the limit, and even released special editions, with the only goal to be scored a victory, is often pyrrhic, to show that your sports is the fastest on the Nürburgring. But what are the sporting front-wheel-drive faster on the Nordschleife? How should we take these records? Track: the kings are the SEAT Leon, Renault Megane, Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Golf.

As I said to you that often the best return that can be obtained from a record on the Nürburgring is the advertising. The have shown that your car is the fastest in a circuit as complex as the Nordschleife is, as a minimum, an excellent marketing appeal. The big problem is that these measurements always depend, in great measure, of external factors that can make the difference. Under what conditions is obtained from the record? What preparations had to be conducted by the manufacturer to launch the sport from the record, and what is its price? With what insistence they worked in order to beat it?

With all these questions, you will understand that you continue thinking about that beat a record, for less than a second of difference with their more direct rivals, it is a pyrrhic victory. In any case, we should take away the hat to the records that can be obtained with these sports of street, virtually all pockets, and with front-wheel drive, which we demonstrate to mark times of printing is not necessary to drive a rear -, or under-the-hood many cylinders, pairs, and in uve.

SEAT Leon Cupra ST (7 minutes, 58 seconds)

SEAT thought Nürburgring posed any opportunity to demonstrate how quick are their sports. And for that reason sent to Jordi Gené to close in on the Nordschleife until to get the SEAT Leon Cupra would set a time of 7 minutes and 58,44 seconds. Not happy with the feat, in which they did beat the almighty Megane RS Trophy, came back with a SEAT Leon Cupra ST to demonstrate that with a body family continued to be just as quick, and not only that, they could still go down in 4 tenths and mark 7 minutes 58 seconds. It’s almost nothing!

More information: SEAT León Cupra ST is an afternoon snack to compact at the Nürburgring.

Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R (7 minutes 54,36 seconds)

The reaction of Renault was not long in coming. After the record of SEAT, Renault were hurt their feelings. Created a Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R’s lighter, more radical, and fast. The problem is that to achieve a time of 7 minutes and 54,36 seconds, they would have to submit to a therapy of thinning and start to point to this sport so expensive and exotic that is a far cry from the Megane RS any day you can find yourself on the street. But they got it.

More information: Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R: the front faster on the Nürburgring, but at what price?.

Honda Civic Type-R (7 minutes 50,63 seconds)

, And from Japan we got one of the compact sport’s most radical moment, the Honda Civic Type-R, a beast that would mark a time of 7 minutes and 50,63 seconds while Honda put up the car at the Nürburgring and checked your tires.

More information: Honda civic Type R, does the front faster on Nürburgring?: already has time in the “Green Hell”.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S (7 minutes 49,21 seconds)

Llamadnos mistrustful, because we are. But since the team motor we thought that Volkswagen could sting the fact that one of the sports front-wheel-drive faster on the Nürburgring sported the emblem of the SEAT, and not the Volkswagen. Maybe that’s why he proposed to bring a new level the implementation of the Golf GTI to create a Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport’s that, still being a front-wheel drive, delivers 310 HP. A stupid notion.

Volkswagen got it. And not only surpassed his brother, the SEAT Leon Cupra, but that also did the same with the Megane and the Civic dialing, up to the present, is the record for a front-drive street at the Nürburgring.

Note that, with that time, this Golf GTI powered is faster than the BMW M4 (see fast lap of the BMW M4 at the Nürburgring), a Mercedes SLR McLaren, or a Ferrari F430, among many others…