The 5 best sports cars that have passed in 2015 by ActualidadMotor

Prueba Alfa Romeo 4CReach the end of the year, a 2015 that is depleted by leaps and bounds. Only A few days to finish off a few twelve months in which he has spent all, is the time to stop and recap. It is the time of lists, summaries, in short, the best of the year. These are the top 5 sports that have passed through ActualidadMotor in 2015.

And what is certain is that we can be satisfied. Except in August, for logical reasons, we have offered a minimum of one test per week. This gives much to talk about, a lot of material, many experiences, many feelings, but nothing like a good sport. This year we have not had a comparative GTI, as happened last year, among others, but by our hands have passed sports of posh. We’re going to stay with the 5 best.

Alfa Romeo 4C time I think of my experience with the Alfa Romeo 4C I wonder why I waited so long to live it. You should punish me every day that step without him, because he has been one of the best experiences and one of the best sports I’ve ever tried. The best, in fact. The best if you don’t mind me that is not comfortable, no concessions to comfort or that I have no power steering.

To change I have gone out time and time again with a smile goofy of him. A smile that has several sculptors. One of them is the carbon-fibre chassis, which allows, among other things, that the set does not pass the 920 kilos. Another reason has been the little filter that goes, as long as no cars go. Too much time. And the engine. I put it in last place because it’s only just 240 horses. Maybe you should ignore this fact and stay with this other: 4.5 seconds in the 0-100 km/h. A perfect set of imperfections.

Audi S3

Prueba Audi S3 S-tronicit May be that after the 4C the Audi S3 I know little, but what is certain is that he has everything to be in this select group. It is compact, it is discreet, has 300 horsepower and all-wheel drive. A man says that his perfect sporty is the one that you can use everyday and also on weekend. So maybe the S3 is one of the best examples.

Our colleague Enrique Leon could not help but describe it as a pure efficiency on four wheels. Your engine 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder eroga 300 horses you get along very well with the system all-wheel drive quattro. I know that the Audi RS3 is faster, athletic and raw, but I also know that if there is the rationality between the sports, the Audi S3 has his hand out.


Prueba BMW M3 DKGI’m going to be frank, it would be stupid that in the year in which the BMW M3 meets its 30 anniversary we had not tested your last version. So, neither short nor lazy, we did with, probably, the M3 more eye-catching that you can buy, in a blue Yas Marina, or blue smurf for friends. That don’t blind you, because there are also flared wheel arches and bumpers which sculpt the muscle that works your engine.

M3 surrenders to the turbo for the first time in its history, probably to its greater evolution. Returns to the 6-cylinder in line, turbocharging and 431 horses of power. Your strength does not scare as much as their performance, able to force us to be friends of the steering wheel thanks to a torque of 550 Nm from just 1.850 turns. Yes, it is family and there is room for 5, but it is able to destroy most of a sport that crosses his path. In short, you must love to fall in excess.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Prueba Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT V8 6.4 HEMIThe first time I saw it approaching I wondered what the hell makes a car like the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT on european soil. Then appeared Iñigo Ochoa after the window and what I understood. Again with a V8 engine between hands. In fact it should give me shame, that of a “V8 engine”. It is one of the larger engines that you can buy in a car in Spain, specifically a V8 HEMI 6.4 liters in the front.

Sounds like glory, runs irrationally and spend in proportion. It is what is called feelings, brutality, something that only we can give a car a genuinely american. 468 horses power to us make it quite clear that the Grand Cherokee SRT does not go with half measures. And if still in doubt, connect to your sport mode and Launch Control.

Lexus RC F

Prueba Lexus RC F 5.0 V8 LuxuryWith the Lexus RC has happened something strange. While the conventional model, the RC, not just come and is expected for January 2016, its sports version RC F has been with us a good season for mojarle the ear to the BMW M4. And what does putting all the meat on the grill, becoming a sort of last Samurai with heart V8. Ah, and atmospheric.

Our colleague Iñigo Ochoa does not suck on the finger and is defined as a lover of the V8 engines. And the keys of the Lexus RC F flew with magnet towards him. It is powerful, 477 horses, also heavy, but it has been enough to see that Lexus has taken very seriously what to carry afloat a range of sports who now also has a GS F as part star. Your design sleeve and a last breath of air to engine air are two of its characteristics to deserve a place in our list.

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