The 5 best SUVS at the Paris Salon 2016

The SUV’s are still one of the main attractions that can be found in the Paris motor show 2016 that opened its doors few days ago. Brands such as Peugeot have shown a true offensive models to the SUV segment. And is that more and more manufacturers are encouraged to increase their proposal to this niche market which is in continuous growth. Especially in Europe.

there Are many SUV that are present in the Paris Salon 2016. And although it is a very difficult task (due to the large proposal is available), we have decided to collect those that are, in our view, the 5 best SUV that have made their debut in society on the mentioned parisian event. We have from the second generation of the Audi Q5, the new Land Rover Discovery or the new SEAT Ateca X-Perience, among many others.

Some are more exclusive than others. While there are those that are focused to meet the needs of large families due to their stalls with capacity for seven passengers. But what they all have in common is the feature image, country, ability to move along roads in the countryside and, ultimately, the possibility of having in our garage for a vehicle that combines the capabilities of an suv with elements of a tourism and/or utility.

Audi Q5 2017

Audi Q5 during its presentation at the Paris Salon 2016.

Audi Q5

we Started with the great scoop that the brand of the four rings has been unveiled at the Paris Salon 2016. The new Audi Q5 2017. The the second generation of the popular SUV Audi has made his debut in as a model more versatile and sporty. Without a doubt, deserves to be on this compilation. With a renewed image, the new Q5 has a design which conveys breadth and poise.

Details such as the grille Singleframe, or the LED headlights add to the dynamism and sportiness to a model that is still combining to perfection the elements of an SUV with certain “tweaks” of sportiness and versatility. Mounted on the MQB platform of the Volkswagen Group, the new Audi Q5 reduces your weight by 90 kg. (Technology has been improved significantly, as the section mechanic.

Initially, the engine range will be composed by a total of five options. The stop range is set by the engine 3.0 liter TDI of 286 HP and 620 Nm. The new Audi Q5 will be available in dealerships from next year to 2017. Its starting price will be 46.800 euros and will be manufactured in Mexico.

Land Rover Discovery 2017

The new Discovery focuses the attention on the stand of Land Rover at the Paris Salon 2016.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover did not want to lose this important auto show. Has been the appointment chosen by the british firm to publicize the new Land Rover Discovery 2017. The new generation of the SUV has been presented to the public as a model bigger, spacious, light and technology with respect to Discovery outgoing. Land Rover not you can stay behind in a segment where the competition is voracious.

Mounted on the same platform of the Range Rover, the new Land Rover Discovery 2017 has been able to to reduce its weight at 480 pounds after being subjected to a harsh diet of lightweight materials. Measures 4,97 meters long and, thanks to its spacious passenger compartment, it can accommodate in its interior up to seven occupants adults. The engine range is composed by different options, a diesel and a single petrol engine. Being this last the most powerful, an engine Si6 3.0-liter with 340 HP and 258 Nm of torque.

Although the first units will not reach dealerships until next spring, we can already take a look at the prices of the Land Rover Discovery 2017 in Spain and purchased our unit in order to avoid a further waiting.

Peugeot 5008 2017

The Peugeot 5008 is reiventa and becomes a SUV 7-seater.

Peugeot 5008

As we have said at the beginning of the article, Peugeot has been one of the brands that has opted for the SUV segment in this Paris motor show 2016. There we have been able to see its diverse proposal of new models for this segment. However, and as we cannot quote them all in this compilation of the 5 best SUV at the Paris Salon 2016 we are left with the new Peugeot 5008.

this Is the latest example of what is happening among minivans in Europe. A type of vehicle, although some years ago had their particular heyday between the european families, to day of today is in decline. And therefore, we find the premise of “reinvent or die”. This is what has made Peugeot with the new 5008. Have changed from top-down to the well-known mpv seven seater to turn it into a true SUV.

With a design in keeping with the rest of the range SUV Peugeot, the new 5008 offers a strong image and tough. Measures 4,64 meters long and, thanks to its battle of 2.84 meters, inside we find space enough for seven adult passengers can travel in total comfort. Is mounted on the platform EMP2, and, in comparison with its predecessor, reduces its weight of 95 kilos. It will be sold in Spain from the spring of 2017.

SEAT Ateca X-Perience

SEAT Ateca X-Perience, the option more country and capable of the range of the Ateca.

SEAT Ateca X-Perience

with The new SEAT Ateca could not miss an appointment with car as important as this. And so it has been, the first SUV in the history of the SEAT is present at the Paris Salon 2016, however, we are left with the version more country recently introduced, the Ateca X-Perience. Located in the range of Ateca as the most robust and capable, differs from the base model thanks to a whole series of details.

Has about bumpers with specific protections lower, steps, wheel color black, signature side skirts or paint olive green with a matte finish. In addition, with a equipment of series-oriented to enjoy this SUV off the road. Between their endowment, we find the total traction 4Drive, hill descent control, or the “Seat Drive Profile” that allows us to choose between different driving modes. It will be marketed along with the liter TDI engine 2.0-liter with 190 HP and DSG dual-clutch seven relations, which incorporates maximum power behind the wheel.

Skoda Kodiaq

The new Skoda Kodiaq not want to miss the Paris motor show 2016.

Skoda Kodiaq

And we end this compilation with the new Skoda Kodiaq. The new SUV of Skoda is still focusing a lot of attention due to its interesting design (technological and excellent finishes. Give a lot to talk about between the SUV seven-seater when it comes to the market due to that it will be an excellent option for its price and quality. Provide a complete section technological system of information and entertainment Skoda Connect that will be reproduced in the capacitive touch screen. It will also feature the platform SmartLink with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new Skoda Kodiaq will have the largest capacity of luggage compartment in its class. Cubicará 720 litres (with two rows of seats). A figure that can be increased up to 2.065 liters. And all this without forgetting the various gasoline and diesel engines that will make up the range. Version top of the range will be the engine 2.0 TDI of 190 HP and 400 Nm respectively. By the way, the third row of seats in the Kodiaq will be offered in all versions of the range as an option.