The 5 biggest scandals from the car of the last 15 years


These large SUV had a tendency to tip over and suffer accidents because were launched and exploded his tire

Ford Explorer with Firestone tires (2000)

at The start of the millennium, SUVS accounted for one-fifth of the sales in the united States, its popularity was on the rise. In the spring of 2000 it was announced that the Ford Explorer had a tendency to have accidents and dump by blowouts, and the finger of blame fell on Firestone. This manufacturer had been the supplier of wheels to Ford from the beginning.

Could be due to a design defect of the tires, carelessness of users (air pressure low) or by the weight and dynamic characteristics of the Explorer, none of the companies took on the responsibility. Killed 100 people worldwide, but the reaction of Ford was fast. In just a year they changed all the tires affected.

Ford and Firestone did not work together

The problem of Explorer not got fear the consumer about the worst dynamics for the SUV, see how we finish. Yes, among the consequences there was, improved a lot the safety of these cars, as it began to take into account the shift in the studies of passive safety. Both Ford as Firestone spent millions of dollars in compensation to victims in multiple lawsuits.


Various models of Toyota and Lexus were able to experience an acceleration uncontrolled, and many drivers little experienced crashed after to stay without brakes, trying to stop their cars

Toyota and the case Pedalgate (2009)

The japanese manufacturer, highly respected across the world, he began to accuse very serious problems of quality in security systems in 2009, mainly in north America. There were cars that were “speeded up” alone, ran out of brakes and ended up colliding. Also splashed Lexus and american brands that worked with Toyota, as Pontiac.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the company had knowledge of those problems, and that is not solved by save money. The media exposure achieved as a turn of the policy of quality, ending in calls to review for any reason, serious or completely stupid.

Little missed for Toyota to load up their reputation in the then-largest world market

Toyota and Lexus ended up paying $ 1,200 billion to terminate with the court, and paid the highest fines to the NHTSA, the legal maximum.

Only by the defect in the throttle pedals or floor mats that atascaban is called review 9.3 million units. We will lose count of the cars that have been called for review since 2009 for various reasons.


The airbags is usually to protect the occupants in crashes, but Takata, in some cars and areas with moisture, they may become an explosive trap

Takatakazo or Takatagate (2013)

One of the leading suppliers of airbags and safety belts, Takata Corp., it ended up getting too famous against their will. Manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda or BMW relied for years on its airbags, until that began to flourish victims precisely by the deployment of such airbags.

it Turns out that one of the components of the mechanism of inflation, the nitrate of ammonia, will degrade with the years. The day that the airbag has to be deployed, the explosion is uncontrolled and the occupants are injured by the output of shrapnel and splinters. All the fatalities were in cars of the Honda brand. The total number of cars affected has not yet been determined.

Now, Takata has the record for the biggest fine NHTSA, us $ 200 million

Currently Takata is working at full capacity to sustuir the inflators of tens of millions of cars, even the competition is in it. The company has sunk into bag, is paying $ 14,000 daily fine to the US authorities, and above have to pay its rivals for them to manufacture inflators replacement. Honda, Mazda and Toyota are giving back to Takata, which threatens the future of the company.


One of the things that terrorize a driver is that it stops the motor running and to stop working almost all aboard, including the air bags or the brake booster. The culprits, some parts very cheap

General Motors and ram power (2014)

The media began to report cars of the various brands of GM who had suffered accidents, but they did not work the security systems. The engines had been turned off by cutting power, and the cause was in the bowler hat on, where they inserted the keys.

it was Enough to have a key chain heavy or stepping in a pothole large

Initially called to review the nearly 800,000 cars, mainly compact, which ended up being more than 30 million units for different problems of quality or safety. The american giant has admitted its link with 124 deaths, you will be compensated. In addition, it will be ended by the courts with payment of $ 900 million.

like Toyota, the unpleasant experience of appearing before members of congress, pay fines and restitution helped to improve the quality policy of the company. Now, when you go out to a defect of quality or safety, are called the cars to review, they do not want to re-awaken the ire of the NHTSA. has Also been a case fundamentally american.


┬┐How to legalize diesel engines that did not meet the emission regulations? Easy, is manipulated to adopt the approvals only while they were being sometiendos to them

Volkswagen motors and fraudulent, the #Dieselgate (2015)

as of 2007, the German manufacturer and its different brands (Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Porsche) have used some diesel engines that were designed to mislead the authorities of approval. Only comply with the legal limits of NOx emissions in the laboratory, but outside there could pollute well above the limits tolerated in the developed countries. The scandal also jumps in the united States.

Not only that, it has also been discovered that homologaron with traps to 800,000 cars (for the moment) to look like we were consuming less and emitting less CO2, also in gasoline engines. research is currently ongoing, today Volkswagen AG has lost a third of its value on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

the cost of The scandal could reach 40,000 million euros

In the years to come, Volkswagen will crush all records of fines and legal claims. The certification authorities, governments and customers are that trinan. Competitors protest voice low, lest I splatter them, too, because we have been sold a lot of smoke for years. And it is soap opera for a while…