The 5 keys of the Audi A8, 2018: the fourth generation is already a reality

Las 5 claves del Audi A8 2018

we Analyze the 5 keys of the new Audi A8, 2018.

The start of a long international fourth generation of the Audi A8 occurred just a few hours in the event Audi Summit that the own brand of the four rings has been organized in the city of Barcelona (Spain). While in September we will be able to see them live again during the Frankfurt Auto show 2017, we already know almost all the details of this important renovation that receives the premium saloon of the firm of Ingolstadt.

Although at a glance it may seem that the new Audi A8 presents no new features of note beyond the front and behind, don’t be fooled by the view. This feeling may be due to the enormous amount of advances that has been revealing the German brand during the last few months. The reality is that we come to the more advanced model and luxurious ever created by Audi.

it Is for this reason that throughout this article, we will analyze the five most important keys of the Audi A8, 2018. From its technological equipment more relevant to its range of motors energized through its exterior and interior design.

Audi A8 2018 - posterior

The fourth generation of the Audi A8 presents a sporty image yet stylish.

1. A distinctive style with sport appearance

The new Audi A8 brings together the main values of the company. The luxury saloon embodies a sporty elegance with a sophisticated air that transmits a high status. The flagship of Audi forward into a new era of design for the signing of the four rings. On its front we find a hexagonal grille Singleframe and headlights HD Matrix LED (optional) lighting for the daytime.

Your silhouette type coupe enhances its sporting values while its proportions are accentuated thanks to the shape of the wheel arches and the low waist line. Also called our attention that the headlights stretch toward the two sides. On the other hand, the designers of the brand have worked to emphasize the length of the body, which conveys a greater sense of cabin spacious.

For its part, the vanguard of the new A8 looks a distinctive element as the light that extends end-to-end which allows to underline its width. The lights OLED segmented to define a signature by the union of its ends. Other details of note are the outputs of the exhaust with trapezoidal chrome finish. It should be noted that the range of colors for the bodywork is made up of twelve colors.

Audi A8 L 2018

Audi A8 L, the version of battle extended from the berlin German.

2. Looking for the ultimate in comfort and luxury in its interior

to Move the living room of a house of high standing to a saloon. It is one of the premises on which he has worked with Audi in the new generation of the A8. The combination of the most advanced technology with the classic materials of first quality manages to create a environment comfortable, warm and stylish. The surfaces are spacious and clean offering a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy the trip on board the A8.

At the time you configure the new model of Audi you can choose from different types of trim such as wood or wood-finishes in black paino. In the console, the 10.1 inch touch screen brings the touch technology on the interior while two LED lights located on the centre tunnel, the instrument panel and doors, will create a very special atmosphere that you will hardly forget.

Looking to increase the customization options (as in outside), we will have at our disposal eight materials and color schemes to create a cabin with our personal preferences. In addition, one can always resort to the services of Audi design selection to go a step beyond.

Audi A8 2018 - interior

the interior of The Audi A8, 2018 and combines classic materials of first quality with the most advanced technology.

3. Audi AI traffic jam pilot

Is the first production model of Audi in history to be equipped with this wizard of driving in traffic jams. The system Audi AI traffic jam pilot offers a level 3 driving autonomous. The vehicle will be able to take control of the driving in certain situations. Just press the button Audi AI (located in the center console) to activate the system.

On dual carriageways and motorways, where there is a physical barrier that separates the two directions of movement, the system can perform the driving so controlled if the vehicle travels at a speed lower than 60 km/h. Perfect for situations circulation is congested. The system is capable of handling start-up, acceleration, direction and braking. It is also able to take charge of critical situations, such as vehicles encroaching on the lane ahead suddenly.

When the Audi AI traffic jam pilot is activated, the driver can relax and drop your hands off the wheel. Depending on the legislation of each country, the driver will be able to pay attention to other issues, even watch a tv program on the 10.1-inch screen located in the center console. If the driver is tired or goes to sleep, the system activates a series of notices in several stages. In the event that the driver ignore the signs and notices subsequent to, the A8 starts a braking maneuver safely to a stop.

Audi A8 2018 - interior

A look at the rear seats of the Audi A8.

4. A range of engines with a 48-volt system

The offer mechanics of the Audi A8, 2018 and consists of both diesel and gasoline engines. However, they all have something in common and that is that they have a system of 48 volts. We have already discussed and detailed in this technology in a specific article. It is a system “mild hybrid“, which allows to reduce the level of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of relevant form.

All versions will also come associated to a automatic gearbox Tiptronic eight-speed and a system of all-wheel drive quattro. The most prestacional will be determined by a W12 engine of 6.0 liter with 585 HP available technology COD (Cylinder on Demand). It is able to turn off the motor mount left cylinder to reduce the power consumption.

later (still without a confirmed date) will hit the market the hybrid variant plug-in, the Audi A8 L e-tron quattro, which combines a gasoline engine 3.0 TFSI with one electric to shed a combined output of 449 HP and 700 Nm of maximum torque. Your package of lithium-ion batteries will allow you to cover up to 50 km in mode 100% electric (cycle NEDC).

Audi A8 2018 - frontal

The new generation of the A8 will be able to equip headlights HD Matrix LED.

5. Technology Space Frame and a size that ensures a large space

The technology Space Frame of Audi seeks to achieve a new level of the hand of the new generation of the Audi A8. And for this, combina materials as common as aluminum with other more advanced type high-strength steels, magnesium and composite materials (CFRP). The result is a lighter frame and durable. Something that translates into greater safety and efficiency.

Its dimensions reveal that we are in a saloon of vast size. Its important dimensions translate into a cabin, very spacious (both for the seats, front as rear) and a trunk that cubes a generous load capacity. We detail the measures of the Audi A8, 2018 in the following tabla:

Medidas A8 A8 L
Length 5.172 mm 5.302 mm
Width 1.945 mm 1.945 mm
Height 1.473 mm 1.488 m
Battle 2.998 mm of 3,128 mm
Trunk 505 litres 505 litres