The 5 keys of the Lexus IS in more than 15 years of history and 1 million units sold

Lexus has already accumulated more than a million units sold his saloon and compact, the Lexus IS. A model is really important for Lexus, which faces the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes C-Class or the Audi A4 and, taking advantage of this honorable milestone, we’ve compiled 5 keys on your marketing, your role in the brand…

1. Europe plays an important role for the Lexus IS

Marketed at a global level, the Lexus IS was conceived, it is already 16 years, as a model focused on the european market. In addition, the japanese firm also sought to attract with this model a younger audience.

2. The weight of the hybrid in the old continent is overwhelming

The Lexus IS marketed with two engines in Europe. On one hand we have the Lexus IS 300h, and hybrid (gasoline and electric) 223 horses and other Lexus IS 200t, with a petrol engine (turbo) 245 horses.

The versions with mechanical conventional have succumbed to the hybrid version and is that 90% of the sales correspond with the version the IS 300h.

it is Also worth mentioning that the 200t is not commercially available in all markets. For example in Spain is no longer available, as it is not available as the Lexus IS 250 which, as we recall, it had a V6 2.5-liter, and 208 horses.

3. In addition to being a saloon which is why we also known as a convertible and as a “shooting brake

throughout its three generations, in its 16-year history, the Lexus IS has also been presented as convertible of the hand of the Lexus IS C and as shooting brake with the Lexus IS Sportcross.

4. It has also been a pioneer in the brand with its engines:

The Lexus IS has also been the manager of brand new the distinctive “F” for the sport versions of the trademark with the Lexus IS F, leaving us also with the first Lexus diesel, Lexus IS 220d.

5. Lexus IS 300h Executive: a premium saloon and hybrid for just over 30,000 euros

Currently in Spain Lexus markets a special series of the Lexus IS 300h, dubbed Executive, we proposed a good level of equipment with a price 30.700 euros. You will not be short details, such as the intelligent key, xenon headlamps, climate control bizona, rain sensors and lights, rear view camera…