The 5 keys to the Jaguar E-Pace: a new compact SUV

Las 5 claves del Jaguar E-Pace

we Analyze the 5 keys of the new Jaguar E-Pace. Growing up the family SUV Jaguar.

Growing up the family SUV Jaguar. A little over a day that the mark of the feline introduced in a special event organized in the city of London your new model. The Jaguar E-Pace is already a reality and is prepared for its landing in dealerships. The british firm is betting very strong for this type of vehicles is that, as we well know, after the irruption of the F-Pace, and now the E-Pace, in a short time will be added to the I-Pace, the first car 100% electric brand.

The new Jaguar E-Pace is a compact SUV of the most interesting since, a priori, with ingredients suited to become a genuine best seller. Your marketing in many european markets has already started (here you can take a look the prices of the Jaguar E-Pace), although there is still a long time to see the first units rolling on our roads.

Its compact dimensions, range of engines Ingenium, design of sporting character or the great connectivity offered by the new E-Pace are some of its main features. Throughout this article, we will analyze the 5 keys Jaguar E-Pace.

Jaguar E-Pace

So it looks like the Jaguar E-Pace.

1. A purely design Jaguar

Familiar and without surprises. Without a doubt these would be the words you would use if someone asked me to describe the appearance of the Jaguar E-Pace. However, we must not take it with a negative connotation. Nothing could be further from the reality. Aesthetically, it presents a great inspiration for the Jaguar F-Type. Among its external elements include items such as your grill, proportions, overhangs trimmed or your behind us enchant you quickly.

One of the objectives that were set, the designers of Jaguar with the project of the E-Pace was that of keeping the functionality of a compact SUV without giving up a sporty image. Space, safety and practicality are present. If we pay special attention to their side, we realize that the Jaguar F-Pace has also influenced its design. On the other hand, we must highlight the enormous wheels of 21 inches.

In his behind, the surfaces are reinforced and the robust rear they blend with the lines of the set of rear lights. The drivers rear make use of technology Full-LED. On the other hand, it is noteworthy customization options available as there are available 11 colors for the body and the roof can be ordered in contrast.

Jaguar E-Pace - interior

Interior of the Jaguar E-Pace.

2. Compact dimensions and a spacious interior

Jaguar can boast to have in its range of authentic C-SUV. A model of segment C that will come to cope with vehicles from the likes of the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1. However, despite having compact dimensions, thanks to the design of its passenger compartment and the platform LR-MS Jaguar-Land Rover, on which is mounted the E-Pace, its interior is very spacious.

In the following table you can see the detail of the measures of the Jaguar E-Pace. Its elevated wheelbase translates into a passenger compartment in which the passenger seats front and rear have enough room to travel with total comfort.

Measures of the Jaguar E-Pace
Length 4395 mm
Width* 2088 mm
Height 1649 mm
Battle 2681 mm
Trunk 577 liters
Trunk max. 1.234 litres

total Width with the mirrors deployed.

Jaguar E-Pace - posterior

The many driving aids available to ensure an experience of comfortable use and secure.

3. A large amount of driving aids

With the aim of ensuring a driving experience safe and comfortable, the Jaguar E-Pace is equipped with a large number of driver assistance technologies. The dynamic behavior is full of support for active security, which allows you to enjoy a stress-free driving. Among the novelties offered by the E-Pace, highlights the new airbag system for pedestrians.

But, what driving aids will we find? The new SUV british will be equipped with these systems:

  • Wizard dead angle
  • Control of dead angle
  • Wizard of involuntary change of lane
  • Forward Traffic Monitor (camera with vision peripheral of 360 degrees)
  • road lighting adaptive
  • Function Park Assist
  • Active Bonnet (pedestrian Airbag)
  • emergency braking System
  • Assistance to the stability of trailer

Jaguar E-Pace - interior

System of information and entertainment of the Jaguar E-Pace.

4. Maximum connectivity on board

once we are seated in the interior of the Jaguar E-Pace, we will realize that we have at hand (or our smartphone) a large amount of multimedia capabilities. The system of information and entertainment Touch Pro provides the necessary connectivity to daily life. This system is offered as standard and characterized by its intuitive touch screen interface and buttons (also touch) to have under control the most important functions of the vehicle.

The huge touch screen of 10 inches call quickly our attention. Its resolution of 1280 x 542 px ensures a visual quality excellent. Optionally, you can request a box of instruments are fully digital with a TFT screen of 12.3 inches that is situated as an extension of the pointed system of info-entertainment, as we can see information, like the maps of satellite navigation.

The system InControl has the latest connectivity features as it allows you to use the applications of our smartphone in the vehicle. You can consult useful information for driving such as the state of the traffic or the weather forecast. All this time in real.

Jaguar E-Pace - frontal

The offer mechanics of the E-Pace consists exclusively of engines Ingenium.

5. The first Jaguar that features only engines Ingenium

For the propulsion of the E-Pace the engineers of Jaguar have entrusted exclusively by the engines Ingenium that can be associated to an automatic gearbox, the ZF nine-speed or a six-speed manual. It is the first model of the brand that is only available in conjunction with this type of engines of the latest generation that offer maximum performance with high efficiency.

Initially, the engine range of the Jaguar E-Pace will be made up of five options (three diesel and two petrol). The powers include from the 150 HP version of access up to the 300 HP of the option more sporty and prestacional that can be configured. In this latter case, the new compact SUV is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds.

And what about the traction? Because depending on the version, we will find ourselves with a configuration of front-wheel drive or total. You can operate with ease away from the asphalt of the great ciudad.