The 5 news most read of 2015 on is

we Cannot but thank you for the trust you have placed in us throughout this year. A lot of work that is rewarded with your visits and readings. However, it is time to review what has given rise to the year that will soon end, and it is for this reason that we present the five news stories most read of 2015 on is:

5 – Check to see if your Audi, SEAT, Skoda or Volkswagen is affected by the dieselgate


In the month of September jumped the scandal of Volkswagen. The brand spent years faking and trucando their engines to comply with regulations in european and american broadcasts. 11 million motors across the world have proved to be affected. In his time I gave the information to know if your Audi, SEAT, Skoda or Volkswagen, was in the fatal list. Now you know how will be the repairs to follow, starting up the steps to the end of January 2016.

4th – Last day of pre-season test of Formula 1 in Barcelona (Direct)


¿Who says Formula 1 is not followed in our country? You demonstrate, weekend to weekend, that is not true. You just need to take a look at the list and verify that even a test of pre-season has become one of the news most read of the year. And is that in the month of march, it had many hopes for the season, which in the end has finished with the victory of Lewis Hamilton and the most absolute of failures for McLaren and Fernando Alonso. Looking forward we are to reach next season.

3rd – A car of the Guardia Civil in an accident and is given to the fuga


We enter the top 3 with a scandal. Back in the month of June we learned that a captain the command of the chief of Traffic of the Civil Guard had suffered a traffic accident with another car while driving drunk. If this were not enough, the main character came up with another thing that abscond. A shame that spread like wildfire and many of you don’t have to escape the opportunity to comment. Luckily, the aforementioned Captain was quickly identified and brought to justice.

2nd – How to defend against the radar in the Holy Week of 2015 (and all the año)


Given the desire collection of the Directorate General of Traffic, in the past Holy Week, we had to good pleasure to give you a few tips of how you ought to prevent penalties. Although the rules are applicable to any time of the year. Also, we will tell you the types of radars of traffic that are currently operating in Spain, and although the law prevents the detectors, there are certain attitudes that can prevent us from being hunted down. Yes, it is best to drive with caution, whatever the time of the año.

1 – installed the first ‘turbo roundabouts’ in España


What we lacked. When still many drivers did not seem to be aware of how you are driving in a roundabout (here a small sketch), arrive to Spain the first turbo roundabouts. This name, so bombastic is used to designate the calls roundabouts fast. By their design, they allow a greater flow of traffic, although given the scarcity of the same, and the novelty they represent, it is nothing strange to think that more than help bother. Yes, well he has earned our news most read and commented of the year 2015.