The 5 prototypes are most spectacular in Tokyo 2015

This year the Hall of Tokyo has been really interesting. Manufacturers such as Mazda have expected to be in the international event home to reveal to the world important developments, as well as the proposals for a sustainable future. Today is the day in which the event opened its doors to the general public, if you have the opportunity to attend personally, we recommend that you do not miss the five prototypes more spectacular Tokyo 2015.



The Mazda RX-VISION enlivens the hope of a new sport rotary engine

Without a doubt, is one of the prototypes most anticipated for years. Not because take announced too far in advance, but because it gives shape to the long-awaited continuation of the saga of sporting with rotary engine (or Wankel) Mazda.

SKYACTIV-R is the name of the new powertrain that, according to the manufacturer, the engineers seem to have given the solution to the defects that have always been dragging this type of engines. The prototype for out presents a design of a sports classic that is reminiscent of the legendary RX-7 although influenced by the design language KODO. Are we facing the future Mazda RX-9?

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept


The manufacturer of motorcycles, Yamaha also knows how to do sports as the Sports Ride Concept

sports car presented by the motorcycle manufacturer does not leave anyone indifferent. Its attractive compact design (only 3.9 meters in length) of central motor hides in its interior a new chassis iStream Carbon is made of carbon fiber and developed by the own Gordon Murray, an ex-employee of MCLaren.

With a weight so reduced 750 Kg and seats located very close to the ground, the sport promises great sensations at the wheel without the need of a motorization overly powerful.

Nissan IDS Concept


The IDS Concept gives us an insight of technologies and design the next Nissan Leaf

The prototype brings together a whole series of novelties that will see in the vehicle from the manufacturer to medium-term. It is a compact electric nothing less than 600 km of autonomy that is able to drive on your own. The peculiarity of the IDS Concept is that while we drive we will copy our way of accelerating, cornering and braking to translate it to the hour of going to our destination autonomous.

it Has a functional design that detects other road users, allowing you to communicate with them for a better living. Do not forget that your appearance has the traits that we see in the new generation of the successful Nissan Leaf.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo


With maximum tranquility, comfort and luxury will transport us to the MB Vision Tokyo autonomously

Between both prototype japanese stands a German. Mercedes has presented a new vehicle for the future able to transporting persons autonomously in a relaxed, comfortable and luxury type lounge, as if in a waiting room high class is involved. In fact, does not possess conventional chairs but a sofa that surrounds a multimedia system viewed by holograms.

Vision-Tokyo has a propellant fuel of hydrogen fuel cells and a system of battery charging by induction with the you can go almost 1,000 km without stand, of course without releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.

Mitsubishi eX Concept


SUV, 100% electric and all-wheel drive, so the Mitsubishi eX Concept, and that we’ll see in production in a few years

The asian manufacturer still committed to the SUV and electric vehicles. This prototype perfectly combines the two characteristics with which it also debuts a new design language called “Dynamic Shield”. The best thing about this prototype is that what we will see in the form of vehicle production between 2017 and 2019.

Its configuration is 100% electric and all-wheel drive. There is a system called Twin Motor 4WD formed by two electric motors (one on each axis) who develop a total of 190 HP and able to exceed 400 km of autonomy.