The 5 records most appearances at the Nürburgring in 2015

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2015 has been a record year. We talk about increases in the production and also the greater figures of sales, in principle, manufacturers that are not playing at high volume. But it has been a year of records at the Nürburgring for cars on the street, a year where there has been a real battle at the Green Hell for the second and the tenth. These are the 5 best records of the Nürburgring in 2015.

is Not something that is able to transmit to the streets. Obtain a record in a circuit like the Nürburgring shows that the car is fast and that the pilot also, but on many occasions, the does not have an official body that time the laps, we are left with the urge to compare in equal conditions these feats. But the struggle is a reality that has multiple names, and we are left with 5.

Honda Civic Type R

Prueba Honda Civic Type R 2015Probably, and on its own merits, the Honda Civic Type R is the owner of the Nürburgring. There has been in 2015 a battle for the compact sports faster at the German track, seizing the title at the Megane RS and went into the fight a SEAT Leon Cupra which also made things difficult for both. But the japanese has taken the cat to the water with a time 7:50:63.

Is the compact front-wheel-drive faster Nürburgring, and we have already been able to prove it in your presentation. Its design is radical, with a turbo engine 310 hp power, front-wheel drive and manual change. There is an aerodynamic functional that makes it so bold and eye-catching as fast. Reached the 270 km/h and runs the 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. Honda also says that if anyone dares to toserle is enzarzará in a new struggle to return to be the fastest.

SEAT Leon Cupra ST

SEAT León ST CupraThis, along with the Civic, is one of those who has given the surprise at the Nürburgring. 7:58:12, that is the time of SEAT Leon ST Cupra. Yes, the family version. This model has led, in a way, a double record. On one side has become the family faster of the circuit, beating the more powerful, sophisticated Audi RS4 Avant B7. On the other hand, has broken the time of his brother of the range, the Leon Cupra SC.

This body style is more aerodynamic than that of the SC, which enables a slight improvement in speed. In addition, Marc Gené, the author of the fastest lap, had a rear something more alive that to put in the curves. Your engine 2.0 turbo now produces 290 horses (280 HP on the back of record). Not in vain, the Leon ST Cupra is heavier and longer than the SC, which increases the value of your title. With respect to the previous record of the Leon Cupra, the ST was 0.4 seconds faster.

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Alfa Romeo Giulia QVwe don’t know too much, in fact still is not available and you must wait to 2016. But the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV already has the lap record at the Nürburgring. And it is not for less. Your time , 7 minutes and 39 seconds makes the sports saloon more rapid in the German track. In fact it is faster than some sports renowned, such as the Ferrari F430. Curious that under his hood to rest precisely a source engine Ferrari.

Its mechanics are a twin-turbo V6 510 horses of power, a mechanism that allows an acceleration 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. It is lightweight and, in addition, can be equipped with a performance package with items including a juicy team of brakes carbocerámicos. Is to try it and know it, but Alfa Romeo has shown us that it is relaunching its brand with the strength and warranties.


BMW M4 GTSSome are placed in the same category as the Giulia, which would win the battle, but what is certain is that can not compete on equal terms. The BMW M4 GTS is a coupe radical, a coupe that you can mount a roll cage, that comes with seats backet and a new aerodynamic kit specific. Furthermore, it introduces a significant weight reduction thanks to the intensive use of carbon fiber.

But its greatest novelty is the water injection into the engine. This system, in addition to being a pioneer in a street car, allows you to increase your performance. The engine 3.0-litre 6-cylinder supercharged now produces 500 horsepower of power. All of this achieved that the M4 GTS will mark a turn in 7:27:88. It is, on its own merits, the BMW series faster right now at the Nürburgring.

Renault Clio RS Trophy

Renault Clio RS TrophyRenault with their Clio RS of the current generation, it has not achieved the expected results. At least as well confirmed by the evidence. But this has done no more than make work to the engineers of Renault Sport to launch the Renault Clio RS Trophy, a revised version, more powerful and with improvements that affect your driving. The more sporty of the Clio has set its fastest lap in the 8 minutes and 23 seconds. Is the sport-utility front-wheel-drive faster in the Green Hell.

as I said, it is more powerful. Your engine 1.6 turbo eroga now 220 horses power (20 more), but it also performs better in your gearbox EDC, faster now. There are new suspension, lower ground clearance, address recalibrada and new tires of high performance. It may seem little, but the Clio RS Trophy is nothing less than 36 seconds faster than a Clio standard, and 12 seconds faster than the second classified, the MINI John Cooper Works.

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