The 5 sounds of sports that have given the note in 2015

Ferrari F12tdfwe Continue with our reviews of the end of the year, reviews that sometimes have a lot to do with the whole bunch of sports that we have come to know throughout 2015. Precisely sports car should sound, or so we understand, sounds heady that make us think that we are facing a performance car. These are the 5 sounds that have given the note in 2015.

The sound is so particular and unique that a true purist or petrolhead could guess the car only to hear the notes of its exhaust. Unfortunately in a world increasingly politically correct the sound is being lost. Or transforming. There are few new cars that they bring with them a sound simulated by the speakers. While on the outside the notes are less graceful. Let’s look at 5 acoustic concerts peculiar and not so peculiar that we have known in 2015.

Lamborghini Aventador SV


The Lamborghini Aventador SV is one of the sports radicals that we’ve known throughout this year 2015. Of the most radical. Is the limit, at least for now, the Italian brand can bring your supercar, which enjoys the maximum DNA Lamborghini. Between that DNA is your engine V12 maximum torque and high turns. Yields nothing less than 751 horses of power, being the Aventador most powerful that has been for sale.

The V12 is the culprit of the sound that we have been in love, once more. Their four tails exhaust growl a unmistakable sound with label Lamborghini, not to say that up to spit fire. It is the last insanity of the Italian brand, which also comes with a slick reviewed, a reduction of weight and a top speed of over 350 km/h. If you fall short, perhaps you’re more interested in an Aventador SV Roadster with a removable roof.

Ferrari 488 GTB


Ferrari is renewing its range and moving to mechanical more efficient. In addition to that when the F1 is passed to the turbo, their cars of the street also. That’s why in 2015 we have known the Ferrari 488 GTB, a new edition of the sport that loses the front but gains power and performance. Still, relying on a V8, but now in 3.9-litre, twin turbocharging. Generated 670 horses and 760 Nm of torque.

The 488 GTB is one of the sports that has given the note in this 2015, we do not know whether for good or for evil. It has been lost that purity of sound at high spins of the previous atmospheric V8, but at the same time Ferrari has managed to replicate not only the operation of the maximum power, but also the sound. In a certain way. Note the presence of the whistle of the turbo, but I am sure that all will continue to seek, lifting up the scruff of its neck, the car when we hear it approaching.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS


Porsche 911 GT3 RS has come out already in several of our reviews of the end of the year. Are own merits. The 911, the more radical it is, probably, also the last gasp of the naturally aspirated engines in the range Porsche. Uses a mechanical 6-cylinder, in available boxer with 4.0-liter. It is bigger than the GT3 to dry, and more powerful. Emanates 500 horsepower of power and strength is sent only to the rear wheels.

The sound is intoxicating, one of the best of 2015. The reason is simple, his ability to upload lap. If we listen we will know that the voice only comes from a exhaust seal Porsche. It is radical in its conception, intended more to enjoy it in circuit than on the road. It is also frivolously, fast, closing the acceleration 0-100 km/h in only 3,3 seconds. Just as there is with automatic change PDK.

Ferrari F12tdf


Ferrari has given the surprise this year with another swan song. Is another last breath for their V12 engines, atmospheric, or so it seems. The Ferrari F12tdf owes its name to the Tour de France, a race that came to dominate and now is exposed in the body of your F12 more radical. Under the skin there is a motor V12 naturally aspirated 6.2-liter and 780 horses of power. Ferrari has put all the meat on the spit to replace their predecessor, the 599 GTO.

Their sound is commendable, a roar of acute V12 as only Ferrari knows how to do. Their abilities are just as spectacular, and is that not only is there more power, but there’s also a new aerodynamics and a substantial reduction in weight to create the Ferrari of track day final. Yes, only be manufactured 799 units, so that it will be very difficult to get one even if you have the fortune that the trade mark ask for it.

Porsche 911


Was wavering between whether to put or not the new Porsche 911 in this list. And is that going to create a stir among the followers of the saga 911. As you know, Porsche has upgraded its 911 and has left in oblivion the mechanical atmospheric in the Carrera and Carrera S. Now comes a boxer engine 6-cylinder and 3.0-litre with 370 and 420 horses power for the Carrera and Carrera S respectively. It is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of the model.

I put It in this list because Porsche has managed to keep a sound downright faithful to the atmospheric, especially when we installed the sports exhaust is optional. ‘ve lost that howl to high turns, yes, but still a sound that falls in love and, above all, that it reminds a lot of the typical notes of the engines boxer Porsche. In turn, it is more efficient, has more power and runs more. If we leave the side of purist radical, almost that they are all advantages.

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