The 500 copies of the McLaren 675LT Spider were sold in 15 days

If you wanted to buy a unit of the McLaren 675LT Spider, you’ve arrived late. The 500 copies have already been sold in their entirety in just 15 days.

McLAREN-675LT-SPIDER penalties two weeks after that the McLaren 675LT Spider was presented in an official manner, the 500 units that will be produced have been sold in its entirety, even before its launch that would take place in the framework of the Geneva motor show next year.

The 500 units of this special edition already have an owner, despite the fact that it is a product that exceeds 300,000 €. While the press knew the 675LT Spider a few weeks ago, the brand’s customers knew of his existence for months, so the orders began quite some time ago.

The 675LT Spider is essentially the same as the model with hardtop, that is to say that it uses the same engine bi-turbo V8 of 3.8 liters in front and a power of more than 650 horsepower. While it is 40 kg heavier than its hard-top, it is also true that 100 kilograms lighter than the 650S Spider. The benefits are practically the same as that of the coupe, albeit with a maximum speed somewhat lower.