The 500 units of the McLaren 675LT Spider have already been exhausted… and no, we are not surprised

McLaren hangs the sign “sold out” with the newly introduced McLaren 675LT Spider. Less than a month, have lasted the 500 units of this “Long Tail” convertible and not, we are surprised this unleashed madness by the latest creation of the Woking.

Between the wonder and the speculation:

According to McLaren the 50% of the components of the V8 are new to these versions LT.

Think in a McLaren specialized in the delight of those who like to drive, those of us who like to drive. With a lower weight, better aerodynamics, more power… and I also think the fact that it can only be 500 units, as they existed in the version of the coupé and in the speculation prevailing currently among the sporting classics and sports. The “sold out” I was served instantly.

Part of the McLaren 650S Spider, but the V8 supercharged that accompanies the chassis carbon-fibre monocoque has been brought now to the 675 horses, as it says your name. A power that would be better for now to kill off the 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds before reaching the 326 km/h in which it has placed its maximum speed.

From far away, it will cost us to identify you. Of close, face-to-face, it will be very easy thanks to the new aerodynamic appendages, thanks to the front splitter, the new spoiler retractable rear… and, of course, we should not forget that new tone “Solis” that McLaren has presented us, exclusively for this model.

Prepare yourselves to see in the auctions of the future to this McLaren 675LT Spider with a substantially higher in price.