The 5th prize of the Lottery falls in the Street Fernando Alonso from Oviedo

alonso-mclaren-honda-mp4-30-gp-brasil-2015is Not a joke. Curious, but Fernando Alonso seemed to be paid to 5th place in these last years of Ferrari, has not been well in this 2015 so complicated with McLaren-Honda, where you do a 5th as an outcome would be extremely wonderful for the team from Woking. But the funny thing is that el 5th prize of the National Lottery Sorteo de Navidad has fallen in the hometown of the pilot, Oviedo, and more specifically in the C/ Fernando Alonso.

Coincidences of life, what is certain is that the fortunate must be very happy with this award. The other fifth prizes have been distributed to other areas of the Spanish geography, but only has enough to one of them so that we can give this news so curious. Believe it or not in the destination or in the magic of Christmas, the truth is that there is curious and sure that will generate more of a joke or comment by the social networks and forums.

Lotería 5º Premio Fernando AlonsoThe number of graceful in question has been the 18102, which has left more than 1 million euros in the bar-Marbella located at the above street asturian. The street had been named in honor of the pilot oviedo, since before it was called Captain Almedia. And best of all is that the tenth has gained by people humble and a hard worker that has taken a good Christmas gift. Now you feel like you are the champion when one uncorks the bottle at the top of the podium…

makes Us illusion to have this kind of news, far off the world engine, but with this link, curious, are, without doubt, to share and rejoice for the winners. From Today Engine congratulations to the lucky prize of this sweepstakes christmas. This if that is a Great Prize! And I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.