The 6 Hours of Fuji willing to change the date for Alonso to attend

, We announced the assistance of Fernando Alonso racing in the WEC with the team Toyota, even we AM to the tight timetable, which will have Alonso in 2018 between the F1 racing and the WEC. Well, it seems that will attend all races of the championship of resistance except one, the 6 hours of Fuji that match the GP of the united States. The spaniard will not want to miss the appointment american where both is having fun lately with the Indy and Daytona and all of the fans that are reaping on the other side of the Atlantic… in addition to being the home of Liberty Media, current owners of the F1.

But this might change, since there is the possibility that Alonso was able to attend both to the appointment of Austin as also to that of Fuji in Japan. And is that in japan it is one of the places where Fernando has more fans and, if that weren’t enough, Toyota is japanese and they don’t want their hero this year is not present at the time of the house. Therefore, Fuji would be willing to change your date so it doesn’t coincide with the GP american and that Fernando will be able to drive to the legion of japanese with the Toyota TS050 HYBRID.

FIA has tried to that the dating of both of these competitions do not match and are not removed spectators pisándose one to the other, but the race of Japan is unique in that it has coincided. But after the official announcement, the promoters of the appointment now discuss the change of date for the idol along with the team of the country in this important event in house. So we know everything is going smoothly and will be more than likely that Alonso can be there, since they lost that race it would be terrible for the interests of Fuji, Toyota, and fans of asian.

What is certain is that it would not be anything rare, as it has done in other times with races from the world of F1 or Le Mans for that not match, since the two competitions are the most relevant in the world of motorsports and it would be absurd to interfere in the calendars being able to be more flexible with the dates in both cases. So I hope for the sake of all that Alonso can go to the GP of the united States and also to the 6 hours of Fuji…

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