The 7 cars more elegant (and quirky) James Bond

There are many things that can be like 007, that soñarías be James Bond. Its elegance, the beauties that are always around, your license to take a vermouth several hours before the appetizer without looking like an alcoholic and, sure, their cars. On all their cars. If there is something that Ian Flemming always had clear was that his secret agent should move in sports and large cars with as much style as the character, and the actors who finally end up playing this role on the big screen. Sports with style, much style. Hence, coinciding with the premiere of the new delivery, we have decided to collect some of sporting the most beautiful, most elegant and peculiar, which has driven James Bond.

1. Aston Martin DB5. Without a doubt it is my favorite. You will be with me that James Bond has driven a few sports so elegant as this DB5, although the choice to accompany Sean Connery was not originally envisaged in the novel of Ian Fleming. In any case, since almost its inception, James Bond already had been associated with Aston Martin. Fleming had not chosen a DB5 for his character, but yes a Mark III. The choice of the DB5 for the film was no other than the advantage that this model had just been launched. The DB5 would end up becoming in a cameo recurrent in the different releases of movies of James Bond.

did you Know that the DB5 used in Goldfinger was auctioned for 4 million euros? More information in this article.


2. Lotus Esprit Turbo. Not content with a first white Lotus, that would be shattered by an explosive device, James Bond would have the opportunity to lead a version completely rebuilt, and in red, the Esprit Turbo. It is one of the most spectacular and eye-catching, by your system to carry the skis that you would need in your mission in a ski resort in italy.

But there is still more. James Bond also had the opportunity to drive a Lotus Esprit S1 o submarine! even in Top Gear had the chance to test.


3. BMW Z8. In the years in which Pierce Brosnan played James Bond, the saga of film would welcome with open arms the latest machines BMW. It all started with a modest BMW Z3, which had generated so much excitement and interest after the release of the film Golden Eye – when had just submitted the Z3 – did that used up all the planned units for the following year. James Bond also had the opportunity to drive a BMW 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies, as well as the Z8 that occupies to us, the protagonsita of The World Is Not Enough.

BMW Z8, a work of art that was called to replace the classic BMW 507 – big words – it was the work of Henrik Fisker, had an eight-cylinder motor and would enjoy a print run exceeding 5000 units.


4. Aston Martin V8 Vantage. It is possible that the same thing happened to both the film, as the car in question, but neither The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton playing 007, or the V8 Vantage, will be the most remembered of the saga James Bond, and of the history of Aston Martin. The V8 Vantage had its onset two-fold, both in their coupe versions as a Flyer.

5. Ford Mustang Mach 1. What better car to put the two wheels in Las Vegas and fleeing police, a Ford Mustang Mach I orange? It happened in Diamonds Are Forever.


6. Citroën 2CV. When the situation required it, James Bond had to face to drive cars that are likely to be less elegant, and fast, but no less picturesque. The best example we have in a 2CV yellow in fiction, serving to Roger Moore to escape in the surrounding area of Madrid (in reality it was recorded in Greece). Citroën took advantage of the opportunity even to launch a limited edition of the 2CV, with yellow paint, like the movie, huge stickers 007 and false marks of bullet holes.


7. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish / DBS / DB10. In recent years, the protagonists have continued to be the Aston Martin. The Vanquish, the DBS, and more recently, to the premiere of this week, Spectre, the Aston Martin DB10. Such is the importance of appearing in a 007 that Aston Martin came to produce a prototype to the extent of his secret agent’s favorite, the only build ten units (all of them for the filming of the movie).


Extra: Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark I. In this top I could not miss a gran turismo that, although it is true did not appear in the saga James Bond, could well be considered the authentic car of 007. How and why is this strange statement? Last year we knew a very interesting story about Ian Fleming, and about this Aston, and very well could be one of the most influential in the history of cinema. As it seems, this DB2/4 belonged to a neighbor of Ian Fleming, who in addition to being director of the MI5 – the secret service of His Majesty – was equipped with some gadgets real, which in their day were used in the missions of secret agent of this man. Gadgets such as nooks, defenses of steel reinforced, or even a compartment to save your Colt.

and they Say that Ian Fleming was inspired by the car of his neighbor, who used to rest while it was parked near her window, to choose the car of 007. What do you think? The history of this DB2/4 Mark I that I had last year.

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