The 79 cars Bertone collection, sold at 3.5 million euros


It sold at auction automobile collection Bertone. There are 79 units in which are also prototypes, the buyer is obliged to leave Italy. The auction for the brand ‘Bertone’ had no bidders.


Bertone-Subasta F inally in yesterday, the car collection Bertone was awarded at auction to a buyer who paid a total of € 3,445,182.40 , in order to keep assets comprised 79 cars .

79 parts could not be acquired separately , due to a restriction imposed in 2011 by the Sopraintendenza per i beni storici ed Artistici Piedmont , that is the Superintendent historical assets of the Piemonte region. But also and most importantly, is that the same resolution indicates not only that can not be sold individually, but the car must remain in Italy and may not be exported .

not the identity of the buyer is known yet, but it was known that Lilli Bertone , widow of the designer, has not hidden his interest in returning to buy 79 cars and actually say has participated in the auction . Among the 79 cars, including priceless pieces as the Lamborghini Miura, the Lamborghini Countach and the Lancia Stratos .

The auction for the brand ‘Bertone’ however, was unsuccessful, so it will be auctioned at a discount of 25% on the current base of 3 million euros.

While a few days ago it became known that Giorgetto Giugiaro was interested in acquiring the brand Bertone, finally decided not to bid at this time.



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