The AC Cobra will return to life in 2017 with up to 550 hp

AC CobraSure that all of you know the AC Cobra, or at least recognise it at a glance. A muscle car that he saw the light in the decade of the 60’s and whose original drives today can reach more than 10 million euros in the second hand market if you are in a good state. And is that the AC Cobra is all a myth, a legend, that will revive in just a few months.

this has been confirmed to Coach the owner of AC, Alan Lubinsky, stating in addition that will be available in two variants of power, taking as a basis the chassis and design of the original model. On the other hand, you will receive a series of elements and systems with the objective that this muscle car could be a vehicle perfectly usable in the day-to-day by their owners.

AC CobraThe impeller of this AC Cobra will be a modern V8 of 6.2 liters. As we said, it will be available with two different versions, an atmospheric and one with overfeeding. According to the source, the mechanics less potent and intake air will be able to deliver 440 hp, while the supercharged version for the turbo to reach 550 cv to full performance. The AC Cobra used a switchboard modern electronics, as well as gearbox and braking current, power-assisted steering and optional air conditioning. These are the elements with which the company intended to be a replica is perfectly usable in day-to-day.

in Addition, we have to remember that the company AC Cars of Alan Lubinsky confirmed a few days ago that the start of production of nine units with the exact specification of the original model. Unfortunately, these nine units then you probably already have an owner and we doubt their owners customarily used, to be very likely to keep as a collector piece and sell it within several years, for a price much higher.

Source – Coach