The Acura Precision Concept will be at Pebble Beach

Acura Precision ConceptThe japanese company of luxury presented some months ago at the Detroit motor show a new concept. It was the Acura Precision Concept, a prototype that anticipated the lines of a saloon of vast size and sporty look. Really it was a showcase in order that we might be witnesses of what is to come in the next models of the brand. Well, the same prototype will be attending the edition 2016 of Pebble Beach, one of the most popular events among those of us who love the four wheels.

As you know, Acura is the luxury brand that Honda uses to draw slice in the american market. It is believed that this same country will in a few years a saloon measures a generous inspired by this prototype, the Acura Precision Concept. We’re looking at a prototype that is more than five meters long, from 5.18 m. to be exact, which is 2.13 meters wide, and it only declares 1,32 meters high. Is long, low and wide, the typical measures of a sporting saloon but to another level.

Acura Precision ConceptOne sub-characteristic is his large grille that follows a style of diamonds. On both sides of this grid are placed the optical, very sharp, which have of course LED technology. The rear window is very steep, and end in a lag in where the pilots are the stars. The details here are just as extreme that of the front, with a few lines aggressive edges marked and some leaks of trapezoidal shapes.

The Acura Precision Concept will be one of the models most interesting Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach this year 2016. Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Division, Acura, has commented: “We are proud to have the Acura Precision Concept in the Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach”. “The concept of Acura Precision is the model that anticipates the future styling direction of Acura and shows our commitment to offer precision crafted in every element Acura.”

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