The advantages of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCT

A automated gearbox dual clutch is one of the most innovative and important elements that comprise the model Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCT which can already glimpse in the market and admire their very different benefits, did you want to know ?, and then go ahead and read on.


This new automotive jewel breaks all schemes practiced so far in the world of motor. Your new TCT transmission mechanism is a real revolution, thanks to its ability to adapt both 1.4 MultiAir petrol engine and the 2.0JTDM-2 diesel, now a stream of about [1999003 Normal] 170 horses .

In addition to all this, it is very compact, oscillating weight 80 kg aproximadament e, which is 10 points less than an automatic with the ability to carry cargo and similiares efforts. This system consists of two types of coupling , one corresponding to the odd gears and one at even.

There is no interruption in potencies to , since the two clutches operate in parallel switching of their respective gears. Thanks smoothness is achieved when moving from one gear to another, much more comfortable than their predecessors feel experiement.

Another advantage that includes this model see fast accelerations with manual gearbox. In addition, because perfect balance and synchronization working around the system Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCT consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced considerably, so that the damage and environmental impact on the environment will be lower, which favors preservation and protection environment around.


When it comes consumption this car , in its version of 1.4 gasoilna accelerates from 0-100 kph in just 7, 7 seconds expenditure 5, 2 liters about half per 100 km and emits tours 121 grams of CO2 while in their mode diesel will accelerate from 0-100 kilometers 7, 9 seconds consume total 4, 5 liters problem about 99 grams of CO2 .

This new generation of vehicles add an aura of originality and innovation to the world of automobile from the first model toss market in 2010. The following year, in the European market, even sold 80,000 units , which has been a revival of the brand and confirmation of interest Show lovers driving potential of this car.


When it comes suversión TCT , which has been available in Italy since last September, has managed to collect orders 15% of the total in the whole spectrum Giulietta models.

Softness, comfort, originality and dynamics are notes that would best describe the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCT.

Source Images Alfa Romeo.

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