The aerodynamics of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid in doubt


beyond the doublet of Toyota in the 6 Hours of Spa, the appointment of the WEC in the path belgian it was not precisely the test with a higher voltage on the track. Part of it was saved behind the scenes, perhaps the result of the complaint of Porsche in relation to the aerodynamics of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid. Days before the race, ‘Auto Motor und Sport’ revealed that Porsche Motorsport questioned the legality of the rear diffuser on the Toyota TS050 Hybrid and of the elements that redirect the air flow to this item. According to Porsche, could be outside the spirit of the standard.

Although this complaint may be a shot in the air, or a formal requirement to the FIA and the ACO to review the legality of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid, during the 6 Hours of Spa, the Technical Director of Toyota Gazoo Racing, Pascal Vasselon, has wanted to exit the passage of rumors to affirm emphatically state that the LMP1 Toyota is legal. In this line, Vasselon affirmed in statements to ‘Sportscar365’ that Toyota are still in this aspect: If you see our car, it is absolutely legal. There is no discussion. The process of approval of the FIA has improved significantly in recent years”.

Vasselon explained: “In the past the FIA came with
rush three weeks before the first event and see if the car could be
approved. Now the process is much more complex and demanding. The approval
begins when the car is still a concept. The prototypes of this year
began to be discussed in July of last year and we have had several meetings
to review the progress of the car and make sure of its legality. The Toyota
TS050 Hybrid is 120% legal
. The FIA and the ACO can’t to discover something different
the last minute. we Present all stages of development to the FIA“.