The Aeroscreen of Red Bull debuted in Russia today

In the framework of the Russian Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing tested a new safety device designed to protect the head of the pilots. This is the Aeroscreen, a small windshield that resists impacts of more than 200 km/h.

Red-Bull-Aeroscreen-2Hace a few weeks we met ‘the thong’ of Ferrari and is now Red Bull Racing which tests a new device to protect the heads of the drivers of the cars. This is called a ‘Aeroscreen’, a sort of small windshield, which in principle looks something more aesthetic than the device seen above, although maybe provide a bit less protection.

however, Red Bull was concentrated in do your homework around the practices of today, by which only went one lap around the circuit in Sochi to test the new device at the hands of Ricciardo. Or well the test ended, the team made available two videos of tests performed in a static manner with the Aeroscreen, while levaba out its development.

In the video can be seen on a wheel of a car hit the Aeroscreen 225 kilometers per hour, while in the other it can be observed a ballistic testing of 1 kilogram, carried out at 230 km/h. As can be seen, the structure is well maintained in the face of shocks, showing perhaps that is a point advantage in front of the ‘Halo’ of Ferrari, which by its composition would not be able to withstand a ballistic test, which in real-life situations of driving, could be related to small pieces of a vehicle against an impact.