The after sale service of Tesla don’t make the cut

Tesla Model Xthe growth of the brand Tesla is still unstoppable so much so that, as we have already commented at some time or the other, it is such a high demand for vehicles that the delivery times lead to significant delays. However, the delivery times for new vehicles are not the only ones, as the wait time for maintenance and repairs is also raising dangerously.

The company of Elon Musk currently has 61 service centers operating, and they have planned expansion of 10 other dealerships in the short term. For its part, the forecast for 2018 is that Tesla marketed to 500,000 units per year, something that will help the Model 3. The brand of electric vehicles also should significantly increase the number of specialized workshops, if you do not want your customers to wait several weeks to carry out any maintenance or repair operation.

Tesla Model S on roadThe low number of dealers and workshops, in comparison with the growing and high demand of vehicles, is giving rise to delays also in the tasks of post to sale. Automotive News has been in contact with some customers to Tesla, who have recounted their testimony and do not leave in a very good place to the company.

One of them, Ethan Shapiro, is owner of the Tesla Model X and says that a mild problem in the closing of a door it took him a week, while that to fix another later problem with a window it took 10 days. “Now that the company has grown, the service has become a problem,” he said, stressing also that the nearest service center was an hour away from your location.

Another owner, Chris Terry, in this case owner of a Tesla Model S, says that in the beginning gave an appointment for five weeks to repair your broken windshield. Apparently, the brand recommended by another repair company, but by the shortage of parts is still with the windshield of your Model’s broken.

Source – Automotive News

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