The agenda of Alonso: so will the Indy 500


The Bahrain Grand Prix ended and McLaren-Honda soon began working on the test of two days the teams of the grill are completing in Sakhir. The season has come with many changes and the FIA has allowed for four days of private tests during this 2017, to develop the last two at the Hungaroring in the summer.

But Fernando Alonso is already thinking about another matter: the Indianapolis 500-Mile race. The Spanish rider announced on April 12 that would participate in the legendary career of american that, if it is well framed within the championship of the IndyCar series, it has enough prestige that many riders globally want to be part of the same.

The first step for Fernando Alonso is contact with Andretti Autosport to get used to the working methods of the equipment and the routines of a weekend of racing in the IndyCar series. It is expected the presence of Alonso in the Grand Prix of Alabama, which will be held from 21 to 23 April at the circuit of Barber, the third race of the season.

There, Fernando Alonso will meet the team, the car and some of the important aspects of the face first test with the Dallara DW12-Honda, who still do not know if it will be before the start of the official practice sessions of the Indianapolis 500-Mile race.


from Monday, 24, Alonso will return to their usual tasks related to Formula 1 as preparation for the Russian Grand Prix, which will be held between the days 28 and 30 April. it Is very likely that the first week of may to be used by Alonso to return to work with Andretti Autosport and, perhaps, making the first private test with the Dallara, as soon will arrive the week of the Spanish Grand Prix in which the spaniard will be the monkey of McLaren to become again a pilot of Formula 1.

100% Indy

Nothing more to finish the home race, Fernando Alonso will have to travel to Indianapolis to take part in the first practice session 500 Miles the Monday from 18:00 hours peninsular Spanish, and so repeated until the Friday with the celebration of the Fast Friday. All of these sessions have a duration of six hours each, and they will certainly be very valuable for that Fernando Alonso can become acclimated to the car and to driving on ovals.

During the weekend it will be time for you to take part in qualifying and the Monday the last practice session of six hours before tackling the Friday the Carb Day hour and a half in length, and all the festivities and shows, own the Indy 500: all a show for the audience not to receive entertainment by the four sides. Finally, the big race on Sunday starting at 18:20, when the Monaco Grand Prix has already completed thousands of kilometres of distance with Jenson Button in the MCL32 you will once again be Fernando Alonso two weeks later in Canadá.

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18/20 April joint Work with Andretti Autosport IndyCar
21/23 April Grand Prix of Alabama IndyCar
24/27 April Preparation of the Russian Grand Prix with McLaren Formula 1
28/29 April Grand Prix of Phoenix IndyCar
28/30 April Russian Grand Prix Formula 1
1 may 7, joint Work with Andretti Autosport IndyCar
8/11 may Preparation of the Grand Prix in Spain with McLaren Formula 1
12/14 may Grand Prix of Spain Formula 1
13 may IndyCar Grand Prix IndyCar
15/22 may Training and classification Indy 500 IndyCar
26 may Carb Day Indy 500 IndyCar
28 may Indianapolis 500 IndyCar