The AIF will be subject to an audit to demonstrate its transparency

Jean Todt y EcclestoneAfter the scandals of corruption in other organizations such as FIFA and IAAF, the FIA wants to prove that they have nothing to hide. So what has been communicated to the president of the FIA, Jean Todt, that is taking an independent audit of the Federation International Motorsport to demonstrate full transparency and the legality of their actions. So make clear his innocence.

Jean Todt stated in the Autosport International Show that “I’ve asked an auditing firm specifies that take a look at our organization, and if they feel they can advise us on some improvements, then I’m happy to have them aboard.“. scandals of corruption of FIFA and the IAAF, two of the largest sports organizations in the world, have taken this decision to demonstrate the innocence of the FIA.

Jean Todt FIAThe French who been in office since 2009, following his departure as team boss of Ferrari, has stated that “Unfortunately some sports organizations worldwide have faced some problems, and I can only say that I feel sorry for them.“, referring to the FIFA and to the IAFF. In addition, remember that the F1 is also being investigated by the European Union upon the complaint of Sauber and Force India for the current structure of payments, something that has not liked Ecclestone.

Returning to the FIA, Jean Todt ends ensuring that you do not have to fear the audit because the organization works in a legal way “I am comfortable about the way we are structured our organisation is and how it works. I Am very proud of all the people involved in it.“. Let’s hope that the beleaguered F1 and the FIA are not sprinkled by the corruption of other organisms.