The AIF will facilitate the procurement of the superlicencia to riders less punished


The FIA introduced a rigorous system for obtaining the
superlicencia, which gives the right to participate in the Championship of the World
of Formula 1. Now, after meeting today, the World Council of the Motor,
has decided to facilitate the obtaining of such license to the drivers
you are not punished for bad gear in their respective

In a statement, the FIA explains that “for the FIA championships
with a system of penalties for points are established, any
a pilot who has completed the championship without having received a
penalty in the form of points to be tempered with two points
additional in your account”

To the existing list of categories that have the ability to
points are awarded for obtaining the superlicencia, have been added
Formula E -which until now could only access the champion-
and the championship of Supercars australian

today, a pilot must obtain 40 points in a period
three years to get the superlicencia and compete in the
Formula 1
. In function of the results obtained and in what
championships, the pilot will obtain a greater or lesser amount of points.