The air suspension and active of the new Audi A8 is the bomb

There are two key systems that often break the head of the engineers and everyone who is available to create a car, whether it is a car for normal driving on the streets and highways, a high-performance sports or a car specifically for circuit: steering and suspension. It is true that it is not as complex as before, since the evolution and the studies make it more simple, but there are some who want to go beyond; such as the Audi A8.

we have Already seen several “pills” of the next generation of the Audi A8, which will be revealed officially on the 11th of July in Barcelona. This model is the the vehicle of representation of the German mark and, as usual, in each generation incorporates novel technologies and systems that can reach or not the rest of the range. In this case we focus on the air suspension of the A8, which is active, smart, and very safe. You’re going to hallucinate.

The air suspension is not new, nor is the active suspension. Like the suspension system electromechanical active with adjustments tires, which controls each wheel individually, and that incorporates four electric motor 48 volt… yes. Even more so with a curious and surprising security feature that we will explain a few lines below.

The case is that the new Audi A8 is adapted to situations up, making potholes, bumps, speed humps and other irregularities in the asphalt are noticed much less in your car.

How do you get it and what are its advantages?

The Audi A8 has a video camera located on its front that analyzes 18 times per second the state of the pitch. If this any irregularity, before the great sedan you reach it, the suspension already will be adapted. In this mode, the tare will be more rigid or more soft, as appropriate, getting the shock of any abrupt bump to reach a lot more filtered to the occupants controlling the movements of the body, which in turn results in greater stability.

In the case of the curves, the active air suspension also interferes with to reduce the biases and swaying the body. All this is a great advantage both for the driver, because he has a greater sense of comfort and safety behind the wheel, as for the executive that go in the rear seats to conduct their efforts.

in Addition, the rear axle is also directional, so it wins several points in agility, both when looking for comfort as when you increase the pace of driving. Says the brand that the turning circle of the Audi A8 is less than A4 (of dimensions much more contained). Amazing.

a Lot more security in case of a side impact thanks to the suspension. How?

The new Audi A8 also brings with it the security system Audi pre sense 360, which in combination with the air suspension reduces the load that will suffer the occupants in the event of accident the side, at a 50 % to more than 25 km/h. The sensors detect if a vehicle approaching towards the cost of our A8 and if you are going to produce a collision imminent.

In the event that this situation occurs with an impact of more than 25 km/h, the actuators of the suspension into action. These items elevate the body no less than 8 cm in only half a second. Do you wonder what you get with this? The force of the collision do not get fully in the door or on the fins, because it directs the areas are more reinforced of the body as the side members of the chassis or the structure of the floor (which is also very stiff). With this is achieved, as we have quoted in the previous paragraph, that load that may occur to the occupants of the new Audi A8 is reduced by 50 % compared to an identical vehicle that does not elevate your body.

You remember that the lateral blows are the most damage occur the driver and the occupants in the event of an accident, since the absorption surface and deformation of the body is minimal, reaching many more inertia to the car. Acknowledge him, you’ve hallucinated as much as we do.

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