The airbags of Takata lead to 14 deaths save a few dollars

AirbagThe famous scandal of Volkswagen may seem like a joke to the side of the case Takata, the company of airbags it supplied its products to several third-party motorists such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and Toyota. Much has been made of these airbags during the past few years, and it is that 60 million air bags have to be replaced for defects in its operation.

it should Be noted that these defects have caused the death of at least 14 people, although still a research to clarify if there could be more fatalities due to its malfunction. These airbags defective Takata were mounted during the final years of the 90’s, and early 2000.

According to the famous newspaper The New York Times, which has carried out a deep research, everything points to the manufacturer of the air bags was looking for a solution of cost savings to be able to sell it cheaper than the competition and thus win more clients. And so it was. Developed an airbag is more economical and won a large number of clients, such as the brands mentioned in the first paragraph.

Airbagon the basis of the average american, Takata spoke with General Motors and offered them his product was approximately 30% cheaper that they used at that time by the manufacturer Autoliv. General Motors liked the deal and put you in touch with Autoliv letting them know that if not got a product at the price of Takata break your relationship.

it Seems that Autoliv tested the airbags of Takata and descublaughed that the pyrotechnics system was “dangerously volatile”. Immediately got in touch with GM and told them that they could not get anything similar, neither in price nor in bad quality, warning the american manufacturer of its dangers; a warning that GM did not consider. Something similar happened with the other manufacturers who have sold the air bags of Takata.

about a month Ago, Honda released the results of a series of studies of the airbags of Takata where allegedly proved that the manufacturer of air bags involved had been manipulated in some way, the results of of your test, eliminating (or reducing) the negative data of such tests.

therefore, and in a nutshell, Takata managed to (supposedly) deceive many manufacturers and users with their airbags, getting a jump on the market of airbags and acquire a good number of customers. Saving a few dollars on each unit, the products have caused the death of at least 14 people in the absence of more research, victims who may have died by the same cause; in addition to a great number of wounded, and, although this matters very little compared to what previous, making many customers to carry their cars to the workshop to replace the air bags.

Source – The New York Times