The Alfa Romeo are more similar to Maserati that the old Alpha

Mazda MX-5 Icon EditionAlfa Romeo has in mind a brutal ofensiva of products that will radically change the concept of the brand, or at least that is what they intend. What is certain is that the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been a real breath of fresh air for the brand, which went through some very sensitive moments. Reinvent or die; and obviously, the Italian firm has opted for the first option.

In this reinvention, the brand belonging to the FCA have to prove that you really is there a change between the new products and their predecessors. To do this, they must experience a great leap in quality and able to pass really that spirit of “meccanica delle emozioni”, which seemed to have died in recent years. The Giulia is a car of passion, created under the DNA-traditional trademark, focused to the driver and to transmit emotions and feelings to lead it like when you view it from the outside.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Velocehowever, it has some powerful rivals from Germany who, without offering a few designs and driving sensations as passionate, show high levels of quality hard-to-reach. The best trump card that they play their rivals is that the customers have in mind such marks as the best and indisputable, within the considered Premium, without even having sat never in any of them, while Alfa Romeo is usually to stay away from the thoughts of the great majority.

it Is for this reason that now Alfa Romeo has a difficult task if you really want to take their share of the pie as a Premium brand. Our fellow australians of Car Advice have spoken to Steve Zanlunghi, CEO of FCA in Australia. He commented that the success of Alfa Romeo would be driven by a good product, instead of trying to create a luxury car at an affordable price.

Zanlunghi also stated that the models that are in the path of the current offensive of the company’s products will compete with the German BMW and Mercedes. To do this, future models will be more close to the signature Maserati that the old Alfa Romeo. We remind that the company has planned to launch six models by 2020, the first being that is by getting the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the new SUV from Alfa.

Alfa Romeo StelvioSource – Car Advice