The Alfa Romeo Brera will return ready to face the BMW M4


The goodbye of the Alfa Romeo 4C will bring to the new Brera

We have a good news and other bad. Started by the bad. The Alfa Romeo 4C is saying goodbye to us without leaving a substitute. The spectacular coupé and also Spyder was born to be a legend and will go the same way. It will be a unique model as in their time was the Alfa Romeo 8C and other vehicles emblematic of the italians. However, here comes the good, his farewell, we will meet a new Brera.

So, the Alfa Romeo Brera will return to be with us instead of the 4C even though it is an approach that is completely different. The 4C is a sports spartan inside, mesmerizing external beauty and feelings behind the wheel like no one with an engine in central position with rear of 240 HP. While the Brera was a coupe that was sold between 2005 and 2011 based on the berlina Alfa Romeo 159.


A coupe based on the Giulia

Of similar form to its predecessor, the new Brera was based on the berlina Alfa Romeo Giulia. This means that they will no longer be a coupe of front-wheel-drive series to possess propulsion in its versions basic and all-wheel drive for the highest. Obviously he will not possess a central engine rear like the 4C, but it will mount in the front as the sedan.

The new configuration, and aspirations of the new Brera will allow you to compete you to you with the coupes derived from sedans German. BMW 4 Series, Mercedes C-Class Coupe and the Audi A5, that we shall know next week, will be your main objectives. These three will face throughout its range, as the Alfa Romeo Brera will also feature the propellant 2.9-liter V6 petrol of more than 500 HP and 600 Nm of the maximum torque of the source at Ferrari that equips versions QV Giulia.


¿And the Alfa Romeo Spyder?

do you Remember all the melodrama of the return of the Spyder? In principle it was believed that the Mazda MX-5 would be used as a basis to re-view the Alfa Romeo Spyder, but after several changes of opinion among the Group FCA was Fiat who stayed with the base japanese to create the Fiat 124 Spider, because Alfa Romeo wanted to be a vehicle of higher category.

well, everything makes more sense when we remember that in his time , the saloon 159 was taken as a basis to create the Brera as the Alfa Romeo Spyder. The back of the Brera is a very good sign that it will also make the Spyder, although we do not know if it will do it with the same name and format. The previous Spyder was a two-seater despite its size and perhaps make more sense to launch a convertible four-seater to rival with the respective variants of the German.