The Alfa Romeo Giulia delayed six months to its release


The Alfa Romeo Giulia is delayed six months

The new sedan mid-size Alfa Romeo Giulia initially it would be launching the version Quadrifoglio Verde, the most powerful of 510 HP mechanics Ferrari at the end of this year to later expand the range with conventional engines. The source notes that will delay its launch six months, so that the Giulia will not reach the European market until mid-2016.

the reason for The delay is that Alfa Romeo has not finished developing the Giulia QV and need some more time. Continue tweaking some features related to the security and the performance of the vehicle.

Another important model for the Italian, as expected first SUV it will be based on the platform of propulsion rear of the Giulia, will not come to market until early 2017, which means a delay of nine months in respect to their initial approach.


The Giulia needs to further fine-tune some parameters of safety and progress

The information comes on the part of its suppliers, not in a formal manner. Alfa Romeo not has chosen to declare on the delay of their models but if it has been announced that the slowdown of the chinese market has made them rethink the order of launch of the new Alfa Romeo to China and Europe. The new strategy will be announced in January

Alfa Romeo revealed last year an investment of five billion and increase the sales up to the 400,000 units per year in 2018 in order to become a true rival to the German trio (Audi, BMW and Mercedes). This will be thanks to a range that will grown to be formed by eight models, the majority of propulsion rear.