The Alfa Romeo Giulia most sold will be the diesel more powerful and automatic

Alfa Romeo faces a moment really important. Starts the marketing of the range of the Alfa Romeo Giulia beyond the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (see getting to know the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV), the latest versions of logic, the alternatives come equipped with a diesel engine. You will see the faces with the sedans mid-size Mercedes, Audi and BMW, with the Mercedes C-Class, the Audi A4 and above all, well in the point of view of the Italian, with the BMW 3 Series. We have already driven, very briefly, and from the brand we have “chivado” which will be the version most sold.

This version is pitched to the BMW 320d, with a price even:

From Alfa Romeo Spain have predicted that the model most sold in our market will be the most powerful version of the range diesel, a Alfa Romeo Giulia equipped with the block 2.2 of 180 horses and accompanied by automatic gearbox, torque converter, and an 8-speed.

in Addition to the best-selling model will be the equipment line Super, the highest. A finish that provides a complement of equipment in the non-missing elements such as the alloy wheels of 17 inches, seat mixed fabric and leather, dual exhaust, aluminum inserts, parking sensor rear, climate control bizona, cruise control, multimedia system with 6.5-inch touchscreen display, bluetooth, USB jack, light sensors and rain, warning of frontal collision alert lane departure and front fog lamps.

what The price of this version? The Alfa Romeo Giulia with the diesel engine of 180 horsepower and the automatic change has a starting price of 40.350 eur, a price that places it parallel to BMW 320d, 190-horsepower and with a starting price (with the automatic) 40.348 € .

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