The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV reaches the 612 hp thanks to Pogea Racing

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde Pogea Racing

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde is one of the best cars that has been able to create the reborn Italian firm. Has a engine in V6 configuration inherited from Ferrari that for would like many competitors, and a rage and character that we return to the place where the signature should never leave. However for some enthusiasts of the model it seems that 510 hp is extracted from your engine are few and still want more.

The boys of Pogea Racing have managed to increase in a little more than 100 hp power end that delivers this wonderful mechanics. Using your account on Instagram has published a photo in which we see the engine bay of a Giulia that have been manipulated. However still there are not many data on what parameters of the vehicle have been able to play to obtain such power.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

The only data that we know from this bestial preparation is that have been able to obtain 612 hp of power maximum the maximum torque has risen to 750 Nm. According to the guys from Pogea Racing this is the maximum power that can be extracted from the block Ferrari without compromising mechanical reliability. However have already made it clear that have the intention of more than 700 hp at block 2.9 V6, although to do this they have to carry out mechanical modifications most important.

This preparation is not the first that made the guys from Pogea Racing on a model of the Group Fiat Chrylser Automobile (FCA). In his day already toquetearon a fiat 500 and he managed to extract no less than 332 hp. This is why we are not surprised at all that the mechanics Ferrari that incorporates the Quadrifoglio Verde have been able to extract 100 hp.

We are looking forward to know more details on this preparation and if their creators would be willing to sell it. While both firms rivals Alfa Romeo will be biting his nails before the tremendous potential of the mechanics of the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.

Source – Pogea Racing