The Alfa Romeo Giulia sparked a rush Photoshop


A few days ago Alfa Romeo presented in public at Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde , a new sedan rear-wheel drive equipped with Ferrari engine V6 with 510 hp. The variants with the most unusual body came quickly to the very digital artists.


Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-SUV N or had even been a week since Alfa Romeo in Arese reborn after the world debut of the new Giulia, so that digital artists around the world began to develop its own projections from all different body variants of the new sedan biscione.

body variants Giulia came quickly thanks to Photoshop.

The first to arrive was the Giulia Sportwagon , a variant with familiar body, but some fresh the memory of all Alfa 155 DTM as they imagine Alfa Romeo heavily involved in the world of skills and Giulia DTM came quickly.

If the Italian house raises compete as equals against the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, some wondered whether it would be logical one Giulia coupe, sedan and thus lost two of their doors digitally to give life to Giulia Sprint .

Of course, as a mouse hit all done in a matter of hours, a variant opencast took just a few days spread through Internet, shaping the Giulia Spider .

know that in Figure Marchionne plans first SUV Alfa Romeo , upon which are already working. But in the digital world these are different times and in a few days and we managed to get two variants of the first SUV of the Italian brand.

There was also place for more modest versions of the Giulia , with a body slightly less elaborate than the QV, alloy wheels and smaller diameter of more simple design.

Photos: X-Tomi | TheophilusChin | OmniAuto





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