The Alfa Romeo MiTo and Giulietta could survive, though as SUVs

while it is believed that it would survive beyond its current life cycle, the Alfa Romeo MiTo and Alfa Romeo Giulia could be reincarnated in SUVs.

Sergio Marchionne drew in 2014 an ambitious plan for the resurgence of Alfa Romeo, with the arrival of a new generation of models that tended axis of the propulsion rear. Thus were born the new Giulia and Stelvio, two sophisticated products of sporting character went back to put the Italian brand on top.

But despite have put the focus on the luxury market, Alfa Romeo does not seem determined to neglect its models of entry; the MiTo and Giulia. In a recent interview granted to Auto Motor und Sport, Reid Bigland responsible for the brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati revealed some of the strategies for the Italian brand.

while initially it was believed that the Alfa Romeo MiTo and Alfa Romeo Giulietta would not live beyond the current generation, Bigland opened up new perspectives for both models, that might finally get a generational. The Myth debuted in 2008, and the Giulietta in 2010, but both still enjoy some success, not only in Europe but also in other markets despite being already near the end of their life cycle.

however, the director assured that perhaps both models may abandon your current set-hatchback, to adopt a format of body more attractive to the actual audience: both models could be transformed into crossovers.