The Alfa Romeo Stelvio appears by mistake in a video at the factory in Cassino

Alfa Romeo Stelvioa few days Ago we talked about the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the first SUV of the Italian brand. We did it to confirm that their presentation will take place at the end of November, in the Salon Los Angeles. Although it is true that the details of the new model are scarce and we have not seen any image. But it seems that the manufacturer has cost him to save the secret and the Stelvio has appeared in a video in the factory of Cassino (Italy).

This clip was uploaded by the own Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) on its Youtube channel. It shows the process of production of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, although in the background in a frame slips in the mysterious SUV. It is not yet clear if it has been intentionally, or just a simple oversight, the fact is that the video has already been removed from the popular website. Luckily Carscoops has it and I can show then attentive to the minute 1:19.

Even if it is partially clogged, still we can see a lot of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Let us see his lines and discover a little more of your design, especially in the front. Some time ago it was said that his size would be somewhat greater than that of the BMW X3, although due to its roof collapse could resemble a bit more the X4. This model could come with the finish most basic, since we find details like the door handles in black or a tire of a size quite discreet.

In terms of the rest of the details and aspects of your range of engines, yet nothing has been said. Europe is expected to reach some mechanics that we already tested in the Giulia as the turbo 2.2-liter with 150 and 18o CV. It is not unreasonable that in his presentation in the Hall of the Angels appears to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Verde, the version top of range. This action was already carried out by the brand when it unveiled the Giulia QV.

Source – Carscoops