The all-new Ford Fiesta Active analyzed in greater detail

The level of termination Active is a new proposal in the range Ford Fiesta, offering an exterior appearance style crossover, which in addition is accompanied by a body with a greater height relative to the ground.

Dince a few weeks ago the new Ford Fiesta Active is on sale in Spain and on the occasion of the start of its marketing in different markets, the american manufacturer has released new data and official information about this new version, which adds to the aesthetic exterior of the new generation of the Party a visual style urban crossover.

seventh generation Ford Fiesta a range richer than ever, because it not only premiered a new version Active aspect campero, but also in addition to the finish Vignale – oriented luxury, without forgetting the ST Line dynamic aspect and the sport version Fiesta ST.

With respect to the all-new Ford Fiesta Active, although this is not a vehicle to devour kilometres off the tarmac, modifications in the suspensions, its greater height with respect to the ground and the protections in the low area of the body, are the changes sufficient to achieve improve your protection when driving on roads that are not in optimal conditions.

Ford engineers rose by 18 millimeters, the height of the Party Active, which in addition to the roof rails and the traditional black plastic without paint that usually accompanied this kind of versions provide you with a aspect of urban crossover that surely will conquer the customers who look for that kind of outward appearance and look for an option something more affordable than the EcoSport.

With respect to the passenger compartment, as in the rest of the range Fiesta 2017, the version jacket benefits of the new system of information and entertainment with a touch screen up to eight inches with high definition graphics, which protrudes above the dashboard, in the best style Mercedes Class A.

price in Spain of the new Ford Fiesta Active started in the 17.895 euros, corresponding to the EcoBoost engine 1.0 liter that develops 85 BHP of power, with a manual gearbox of five speeds.