The Alpine 2017 will have a worked ground effect


The aerodynamic soil of the Alpine.

A new release of Renault reveals to us more details about the new sports Alpine. According to the French brand, the new model of the central engine will have a ground plane and a diffuser specially designed to raise the downforce and the stability of the vehicle.

According to the mark in his brief note of the press, this is the result of having moved the acquired knowledge in this matter “in the world of supercars and sports competitions of high level.”

Thanks to the combination of a flat floor and the new rear diffuser, which will be located under the rear bumper, the new model of Alpine you can do without the rear spoiler. And even so, have sufficient stability and handling necessary. Allowing the design team to outline a body with clean shapes and recognisable silhouette of the model Alpine classic.


spy Photos of the new Alpine.

The new Alpine AS1, or 120, depending on the source consulted, will be revealed in its definite format in the forthcoming Geneva, which will be held in the month of march. This will be the first model that will come to the dealers, after the, is a possible variant crossover is still not confirmed by the brand.

This will have a forms very similar to those of the prototype that presented the brand a few years ago, and we have already seen a few test drives rolling. The last just a few days ago, while she was at their mandatory winter testing, in environments of low temperatures.

likewise, we have also been able to see the aluminum panels bare
your body
, since the brand revealed a few images from the own
factory of Dieppe, France.